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Kitronik Inventor Kit For Micro:bit

Starter Kit For Micro:bit

This Kitronik inventor kit for micro:bit is the ideal starter kit to get into the world of programming and learn how to use micro:bit hardware. Different guided experiences are included in the kit to help you use and understand micro:bit for the first time.

Realization of the first micro:bit circuit in a few minutes, 10 experiments included, small prototyping card included....

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Site Reference : RA_KTK010
Manufacturer Reference : 5603

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29,99 €

Inventor kit Kitronik for micro:bit: first steps in programming

This inventor's kit for micro:bit will allow you to be guided step by step through a dozen or so experiments included to get to know the equipment and take your first steps into the world of programming. This is the ideal kit to discover micro:bit and its possibilities. The ten experiments will allow you to do simple things in an intuitive and guided way, such as:

  • Say'Hello' to the microphone:bit using an LDR and analog inputs
  • Dimming a light-emitting diode using a potentiometer
  • Using a transistor to drive a motor
  • Use the accelerometer to control the speed of an engine
  • Ring a piezoelectric alarm
  • Addressing wind energy
  • Make a game using the compass, a capacitor charging circuit and an RGB LED​

kit inventeur micro:bit

The inventor kit for micro:bit, starter kit:

  • Allows you to make your first tour in just a few minutes
  • No welding required
  • Offers you 10 experiences included in the tutorial book step by step
  • Has all the elements to perform the 10 experiments are included
  • Includes 21 pins accessible from the micro:bit using the Edge connector card
  • Includes a small prototyping board included for rapid prototyping
  • BBC micro:bit NOT included.

Kitronik inventor kit : notes and required elements

  • This kit requires assembly.
  • No welding is required and you can build your first circuit in minutes!
  • This kit does not include BBC microbits.
  • If you buy a micro:bit separately, you may also need to buy a battery cage and a USB cable, depending on the micro:bit kit you buy.

Additional equipment required:

  • 1 x BBC micro:bit.
  • 1 x Tournevis cruciforme.
  • 1 x Tournevis de bornier.
  • 1 x Câble Micro USB.
  • 1 x Mounting Plate.
  • 1 x Potentiometer - Vertical Type (finger adjust) 100K.
  • 1 x Finger Adjust Spindle.
  • 2 x Plastic Spacer 10mm.
  • 1 x Sticky Fixer for Battery Pack.
  • 1 x Small Prototype Breadboard.
  • 1 x Terminal Connector.
  • 4 x Push Switch.
  • 1 x Motor.
  • 1 x Transistor.
  • 2 x Red 5mm LED.
  • 2 x Orange 5mm LED.
  • 2 x Yellow 5mm LED.
  • 2 x Green 5mm LED.
  • 1 x RGB 5mm LED.
  • 1 x Fan Blade.
  • 5 x 2.2KΩ Resistor.
  • 5 x 10KΩ Resistor.
  • 5 x 47Ω Resistor.
  • 1 x Edge Connector Breakout Board for BBC micro:bit.
  • 10 x Male to Male Jumper Wires.
  • 10 x Male to Female Jumper Wires.
  • 1 x 470uF Electrolytic Capacitor.
  • 1 x Piezo Element Buzzer.
  • 4 x Pan Head M3 Machine Screw.
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