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Kitronik Arcade for MakeCode Arcade

Develop your coding skills

Develop your coding skills with the Kitronik ARCADE, a complete programmable gamepad for use with the MakeCode Arcade block editor. The MakeCode Arcade editor has been designed to allow everyone, from beginners to experienced gamers, to create retro arcade games to run in a browser or on handheld consoles. 

It consists of drag-and-drop blocks that nest together to form programs. You can also write code for ARCADE in Javascript and a Python editor will be available soon! It comes in a plastic package that also contains batteries, a USB cable and a quick start guide.

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Kitronik Arcade for MakeCode Arcade

MakeCode Arcade focuses on education and the MakeCode Arcade website offers a multitude of resources to help make this task easier. There are guided tutorials that help you create simple games, more complex games that you can open and learn from, games written by community members that you can try out, tutorials on game concepts, tutorials that explore graphics and math, lesson plans, CS lessons, printable code maps for the classroom, video tutorials, and much more!

Kitronik Arcade

The Kitronik ARCADE has been specially designed to provide the perfect platform to run these games. It is packed with features and has been ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. It features :

  • A color LCD screen with a wide viewing angle
  • A piezoelectric sounder for audio return
  • A vibration motor for haptic feedback
  • 6 input buttons for players
  • From a menu button
  • A reset button
  • An on/off switch

Everything you need for the perfect gaming experience. It also features a software volume control, USB programming port and 2 expansion ports for expert level users.

The ARCADE can be powered by 3 AA batteries or by the micro USB connector, with the battery holders located on the back of the circuit board. The three battery holders have been positioned to also serve as handles for maximum comfort and control during your games.

And for the advanced user, Kitronik's Arcade offers 2 extension ports and a debugging port :

  • Expansion ports give you direct access to the microprocessor pins.
  • The debug port allows you to customize the bootloader code.


Kitronik Arcade


Kitronik Arcade in a nutshell

  • The Kitronik ARCADE is a full-featured portable gamepad for use with Microsoft's Arcade Editor.
  • Use the richness of the available educational material to create a game from scratch or modify existing code and learn the open source method.
  • It features a wide-angle color LCD screen with a wide viewing angle.
  • It is equipped with a piezoelectric sounder for audio feedback.
  • It uses a vibration engine for haptic feedback.
  • It also has 6 player input buttons, a menu button, a reset button and an on/off switch.
  • There is also a software volume control, a USB programming port and 2 expansion ports for expert level users.
  • The ARCADE can be powered either by 3 AA batteries (included) or by the micro USB connector (also included).
  • 1 x ARCADE for MakeCode Arcade gamepad.
  • Laser cut protective case parts and fixings.
  • 4 x GP AA Batteries.
  • A 1m USB Type-A to Micro-B USB Noodle Cable.
  • Quick start booklet.
  • Reuseable transparent plastic container.
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