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Makey Makey Classic E-COMM Version

Give life to everyday objects

Are you creative?  Do you want to use your computer differently than with a simple QWERTY keyboard?

Makey Makey offers the solution!

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Site Reference : RA_MAK001
Manufacturer Reference : MMCE

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If you play an instrument like a piano on your computer, why not playing with bananas? It would be much funnier! But do not limit yourself to the piano: play Pacman with a sheet of paper, make a dance game with water, create your music with your friends, and even write text with letter-shaped pasta!

Makey Makey offers to transform everyday objects combined with Internet keyboard. You must see it to believe it !

This invention kit is for everyone: young and old, artists, engineers, teachers, designers...

Just use the materials or objects that lead electricity like Ketchup, pencil graphite, plants, lemon, coins, aluminium, something wet and many others ... You're not limited.

MakeyMakey works with just a few items related to your cables, one USB cable linked to your computer and the invention invention kit. No needs to install software, no needs to do programming, just plug the USB cable!


Makey Makey Resources

Find below useful resources on the official Makey Makey website:

  • x1 MaKey MaKey
  • x1 Red USB Cable
  • x7 Alligator Clips
  • x6 Connector Wires

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