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Everybody is creative, imaginal and can change the world. That is the vision of this educational robotics brand that proposed a 21st century invention kit, which transforms the daily objects into tactile tablets, and then combines these objects with Internet. A simple kit for beginners and experts to make art, engineering and other stuff.

An educational kit Makey Makey is made for all: child, artists, engineers, inventors. .. Let’s connect the reality and the virtual world for some gaming and new learning experiences: connect a knife to cut woods virtually in an online game or even bananas to transform them into a digital piano keyboard. Endless possibilities to learn while having fun! 


Makey Makey Classic E-COMM Version

Give life to everyday objects
54,99 € 49,99 €
Makey makey STEM pack classroom

Makey Makey STEM Classroom Pack

Educative kit for school
849,99 €
Makey Makey (Large Box)

Makey Makey (Large Box)

Connect the world around you to your computer!
GameBender Makey Makey Educational Kit

GameBender Makey Makey Educational Kit

Innovative and educational kit around video games
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