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Maze Breaker Robot Ycoo (Random Color)

Remote-Controlled Toy Robot

This new futuristic looking robot named Maze Breaker offers many interactions and game modes that kids will love: draw a circle and lock it up, it can follow a path drawn on the ground, lock it in the maze and let it escape or help it, it can interact with the other Ycoo Pokibot and Macrobot robots. The Maze Breaker toy robot can be remotely controlled using a smartphone application available on iPhone and Android.

The Maze Breaker is available in red, green or blue, a color randomly generated when you order. Contact us by e-mail as soon as you place your order to inform us of the desired colour. We will do our best to respect your choice according to the available stocks.

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Site Reference : RA_SIL043
Manufacturer Reference : 88044

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Maze breaker, the intelligent remote-controlled robot

Discover one of the flagship robots of Silverlit's Ycoo brand, which offers programmable and interactive robots at more than affordable prices. These robots have the particularity of being able to interact with each other, so you can build a beautiful collection. The Maze breaker robot is sold for less than 19€ but don't be fooled, this low price doesn't give it any less features than other programmable robots on the market. Its characteristics will make it an ideal Christmas gift!  

Maze Breaker en noir ou blanc pour nol

A refined design

Many people find that the Maze Breaker robot has a strong similarity with the R2D2 robot of the Star Wars series. It is available on our green, blue or red website and is mounted on wheels with a diameter of 4 centimetres, thanks to which it can be easily moved. He could stop there and be a balancing act like Silverlit's MIP robot but will be helped by a third wheel for more stability.





















The eyes of the Maze Breaker robot are equipped with LED's in three different colours that allow you to learn a little more about its mood:


  • Red eyes: he is not happy and does not obey
  • Orange eyes: waiting for your orders
  • Green eyes: he is happy and executes


The Maze breaker mobile application

Which robot programmable in 2017 does not have its mobile application? This makes the toy more interesting and adds additional features. The Maze Breaker's mobile application is called SpringRobots. You can use it whether you are on iPhone or Android, count 27MB of space necessary for its installation.

This application has a big advantage if you have a whole collection of Silverlit robots (Maze breaker, Pokibot...): they will all be controllable from this same mobile application. Saves time, memory and obvious ease of control.
This application to be connected in Wifi allows you to have access to numbered buttons thanks to which your robot will dance or directional buttons to control it remotely with your smartphone or tablet. You can also discover the labyrinth function and have fun finding the exit on your own.  

Different additional features to note for this Maze Breaker robot:

  • Its sensors allow it to move in all directions and turn by detecting obstacles
  • He can interact and play with other Maze Breakers
  • It can record a sound and repeat it in robot mode, up to 3 recordings
  • He moves and dances by emitting sound effects/music

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Video of the Maze Breaker robot

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