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Pokibot Robot Ycoo (Random Color)

Ycoo Toy Robot

PokiBot from Silverlit, a mini interactive robot from Ycoo, that you can take with you!

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Site Reference : RA_SIL041
Manufacturer Reference : 88529

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Pokibot : Silverlit's interactive mini robot

Play with this robot toy portable, there are 2 shapes available and 6 different colors.

Discover these 6 main functions:  

  • He moves, dances and tours with sound effects
  • He can interact and play with his robot family, the PokiBot,  Maze Breaker and MacroBot
  • 3 styles of Robotic Voice Playback allow you to record lyrics and repeat them with your own robot voice, it is able to store 3 recordings 
  • His mouth and eyes light up 
  • Slap your hands, it will react happily
  • It can be controlled with a smartphone application

PokiBot from Silverlit : the interactive mini robot to take with you everywhere!

Technical characteristics of Pokibot

  • Brand: Silverlit
  • Appellation : PokiBot
  • Height: 8cm
  • Battery: 1 battery AAA not included

Smartphone applications


Silverlit offers you other toy robots:

Silverlit has started to make a name for itself with the Pokibot and Maze Breaker, but this company has actually been very active in the toy robot business for some time. Founded in 1980, it has already launched remote-controlled mini-helicopters and is the originator of the WowWee MIP robot or the Zozor dinosaur robot.

Silverlit is based in Hong Kong and has approximately 16,000 employees worldwide.

  • 1x Pokibot Robot (random color, according to our stock) 
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