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Merge Holographic Cube

Holographic Cube For Augmented Reality

With the Merge holographic cube, it is now possible to easily visualize many things in a 3D model. It is a holographic element with six sides and can be used for educational purposes. In augmented reality mode with a mobile device, the user will be able to manipulate an element of the universe such as the solar system, a device or an organ of the human body and this without necessarily using a virtual reality headset. 

The user can interact with the models to arrive at a data and then can observe it more closely. More than 30 applications are available.

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Site Reference : RA_PRI015
Manufacturer Reference : MER-ARC-01-EU

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Holographic cube that fits in the hand

To manipulate the Cube Merge, you must download the "Object viewer" application linked to the "Miniverse" site. Access to this platform and the app is completely free of charge. Once connected to the site, it is possible to download files containing the different 3D models.

This Merge hologram cube is an exceptional educational element that all students can use to facilitate the learning of certain subjects such as history or science. It merges the physical and digital worlds and allows everyone to better understand how the elements analyzed work.



Strengths of the Merge cube

  • The Merge cube is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.
  • It is compatible with free and easily accessible applications.
  • It can be used with RV/RA virtual reality glasses.
  • It facilitates the learning of scientific subjects for children (science, physics, chemistry, geography, etc.).
  • It is available at a low price.

The Merge Cube is the world's first holographic gadget that fits in your hand. It is easy to handle and allows an extraordinary experience with augmented reality. It can be used with a tablet or smartphone Android or iOS. 

To have the necessary applications for its use, simply download them for free. The Merge Cube can also be used with RV/RA glasses. The augmented reality experience offered by this cube will be a great asset for STEM teaching.

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