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VR Headsets and Carboard

Virtual reality is now an integral part of the 21st century and will allow you to live an extraordinary immersive experience. The quality of your virtual reality experience will depend greatly on the equipment with which you live it. Robot Advance offers you here a set of virtual reality headsets and accessories of the highest quality so that you can live an unforgettable experience.

Here you will find VR headsets of all types and for all prices. From complete virtual reality kits for professionals to mini VR glasses for less than 15€ to accessories such as Android-compatible controllers, which will allow you to immerse yourself a little more in your augmented reality video games. We only offer here recognized brands in the field of virtual reality such as Homido or HTC.


Virtual reality headsets VR


The virtual reality headsets offered here will allow you to watch movies, play video games (Steam) or immerse yourself in a multitude of virtual worlds in which you can take control thanks to the accessories: grab, throw, walk or even direct you as if you were there.

Merge Goggles VR Headset

Merge Virtual Reality Headset
49,95 € 39,95 €

Merge Holographic Cube

Holographic Cube For Augmented Reality
29,95 € 24,95 €
Top vente
Homido Prime VR Headset

Homido Prime VR Headset

Virtual Reality Headset
69,99 €
Homido Grab VR Headset Cardboard

Homido Grab VR Headset Cardboard

Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset
29,99 €

VR360 headset PNJ

360 VR headset for videos, games and drones PNJ
6,99 € 5,99 €
Licence Merge 2022 schools and classes

Licence Merge 2022 schools and classes

Merge license from 1 to 3 years for a class or school
999,00 €
3D VR Headset Black ABYX

3D VR Headset Black ABYX

Virtual Reality Headset
HTC Vive 2018 VR Headset

HTC Vive 2018 VR Headset

Virtual reality Headset
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