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The Merge brand specializes in augmented and virtual reality products, but not just any kind: highly technological products, designed, awarded and that will allow individuals to learn through experience and content creation. At home, at the office or at school.

This experience and learning through virtual and augmented reality is done in many different fields and makes it possible to make fun of the lessons you could teach in school, museum, library or college: STEM, environmental sciences and other industries around the world.

  • Learn STEM through fun games and inspire your students' creativity as they explore, design and share virtual objects that they can hold in the palm of their hand.
  • Offer children an alternative to mobile games by allowing them to create virtual objects, play augmented reality games and explore their world in virtual reality.
  • Reimagine product demonstrations, training, data visualization and customer experience with immersive virtual reality experiences and virtual object holding.
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