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Ruffy And Mooko Mini Puppy Toy Robot Ycoo

Dog And Cat Robots For Childrens

Since time immemorial, dogs and cats have been man's best friends and children have loved them. Why not give them this year a real dog or cat robot that they can have fun with and that they will have to take care of. It is now possible thanks to the adorable robot dogs Ruffy and robot cat Mooko from Ycoo. A male and a female of your choice, for which your children will become fond. They move like real animals and react to caresses thanks to their sensors. Robotic animals Ycoo as real as the real ones!

When ordering, choose on this product sheet if you want to receive the robot dog Ruffy blue or the robot cat Mooko pink.

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Site Reference : RA_SIL061-A
Manufacturer Reference : 88571

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Ruffy and Mooko the adorable dog and cat robots

For several years now, dog and cat robots have invaded homes in France and around the world, travelling like real people and children are becoming fond of them, as we understand them. Ycoo comes back with two models of robotic cats and dogs that the children will love and from which they will no longer be able to separate. Parents will also love them so that they don't have to bring any constraints and so that they can easily take them on holiday, unlike the real ones!


ruffy dog robot


Ruffy dog and Mooko cat are equipped with many sensors that allow them to react according to the way they are caressed by children:

  • Touch the head with a finger so that the robot dog or cat moves to the right or left
  • Touch the head with two fingers to go straight
  • Touch the chest so that the robot dog or cat can move forward on its own
  • As they move forward, the little animals make adorable sounds


For more reality in the movements, Ruffy and Mooko de Ycoo have articulated legs: they can take funny poses that will make the whole family crack. Choose on the product sheet if you want to receive Ruffy the blue robot dog or Mooko the pink robot cat.

Video ofRuffy et Mooko, dog and cat robots

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