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Launcher Robot Toy Ycoo

Ball Throwing Robot

The Launcher robot as its name suggests is above all a launcher: a ball launcher that it will be able to throw very, very far. It is one of the games he can play with your children. Thanks to his remote control, the pilot can take his robot to catch one of the two balls provided in the toy box and throw it as far as possible. But Ycoo's Launcher robot is full of surprises since it can also dance and move in all directions thanks to its motorized arms and head. 

This latest generation robot is delivered with a remote control and recommended for children over 5 years old.

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Robot Launcher, ball thrower

Children love basketball, prison ball and all these other playground games in which the goal is to throw the ball into the basket or onto the opponents. Ycoo has understood this well and this year proposes a new toy robot that should also please them. This robot comes with a remote control and two balls that fulfill a specific purpose: to control the Launcher robot, take it to catch one of its two balls and train it to throw them as far away as possible (Or in an artisanal basket or elsewhere for the most creative).

Robo Launcher remote

This is only one of the interactions he will have with the children since Robo Launcher also produces plays of light but also sounds to which he can dance without restraint. He's only waiting for one thing, for you to dance with him. The remote control of this new toy robot Ycoo is multifunctional and has:

  • One left button to move up and down
  • A straight multidirectional ball
  • Several buttons at the bottom of the remote control to perform actions
  • And other buttons for total control of your toy

A complex but quick to use remote control that will allow you to have many hours of fun with your new pet robot. This robot is recommended for children over 5 years old and will require 8 non-incused "AA" batteries (4 for the robot and 4 for the remote control) to operate.

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