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TTS Rainbow Matrix SCRATCH

Scratch Matrix 64 RGB TTS

TTS' Rainbow Scratch Matrix is the ideal tool for making connections between the digital and physical world. This matrix has 64 individual RGBs that can be controlled using the Scratch 2.0 Offline Editor.

Each LED can be lit in any color or brightness. Sample scripts are provided to make it easier for students to use and learn.

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Site Reference : RA_TTS039
Manufacturer Reference : EL00531

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Rainbow Scratch Matrix TTS​

To use the TTS Rainbow Scratch Matrix, simply plug it in and download the TTS Education software. This matrix will allow children to learn programming in a new way, to know how pixels work and how they make it possible to see images very clearly on the screens.

This Scratch TTS matrix is simple to use, intuitive, fun, stimulating for children and provides an alternative to controlling an output using Scratch 2.0. The TTS Scratch controller and the Scratch matrix can work together to push the boundaries of children's knowledge and skills in Scratch programming. Example of the use of these two elements: the creation of a "Snake" game controlled with the TTS Scratch Controller and played on the Scratch matrix.



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