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Sphero 2,0 SPRK+ Version

An Improved Version Of SPRK
Sphero (Orbotix)

Sphero SPRK+ is an improved version of SPRK. More resistant, few slightly modifications make it more performing.

Warning, the Sphero SPRK+ is not compatible with the Huawei p8 lite (model number: ALE-L21 / android 6.0 EMUI 4.0.3 / Bluetooth address C8:94:BB:F2:AF:E8 / memory ram 2.0GB)

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Site Reference : RA_PDA025
Manufacturer Reference : K001ROW

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Between Sphero SPRK and Sphero SPRK+, there are more differences that explain the same price; nevertheless, small modifications made by Sphero can do the difference. 

First of all, what’s Sphero SPRK?

Sphero SPRK is the transparent version of Sphero the robotized ball controllable with a smartphone. You can see all details of the mechanisms through the transparent shell and choose amongst the rainbow’s colors to make its 9 LEDs shine. Crazy races, amazing trails with Sphero accessories on earth or in water, nothing will stop you!

We can distinguish two modifications that make Sphero SPRK+ a more performing robot:

First, Park+ uses the Bluetooth Smart Technology as a Smartphone connection to the robot. That means that the connection is made almost instantly. You just need to open the application Lightning Lab on your Smartphone and hold your device next to Sphero SPRK+, it will connect automatically. 

Second, SPRK+ is built with a strong scratch-resistant UV coating, so your robot’s shell stays shiny and new after use. You robot will look like brand new longer!

All features of SPRK Lightning Lab are also available with SPRK+.

SPRK+ can be also used in the learning and teaching of STEM (sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), it allows children learning programming in a simple and playful way. But children can also discover the world around them and do art with it!

Come and try it!

Technical characteristics

  • Brand: Sphero
  • Product name: SPRK+
  • Compatibility: iOS and Android with Bluetooth Smart
    • Android 4.4 and more
    • iOS and above
  • Charging by induction, one hour of autonomy after one full charge
  • Polycarbonate UV shell
  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth Smart (30m range)




  • Sphero SPRK+
  • Inductive charging base with USB charging cable
  • Maze tape, 360 degree protractor and sticker sheet
  • Quick Start guide to get you rolling
  • Sphero SPRK Lightning app available for download in the App Store, Google Play, and Kindle Store
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