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Sphero Drone BB-8 Star Wars

The toy version of the new robot of Star Wars
Sphero (Orbotix)

"Star Wars" revolution is on.

In the new movie, a new ball-robot appears and Sphero propose one in remote-controlled toy format named, like the real one BB -8.

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Site Reference : RA_PDA018
Manufacturer Reference : R001ROW

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The new Sphero BB- 8 is a small robot all round that emits different sounds and weird beeps when it moves.
The head is on wheels and magnetized, allowing it to remain well in place when the body goes into action.
Thanks to its fluidity, its format and its expressions, this little robot will seem to have a semblance of personality.

This toy robot is controlled via a remote as all other Sphero robots through an application on our phone or tablet.

The Bluetooth connection allows it to be drive up to 30 meters for 60 minutes. Reloading is effected on a non-contact basis.

Very simply, download the app, launch it and let it do the important updates. Approach your phone near the robot to connect to Bluetooth and let’s go!

It has 3 navigation modes :

- Free navigation: place a blue diode on her buttocks to put it straight , then guide it with your smartphone or tablet. It will move where you want by emitting different sounds and light effects.

- Free robot's movements: Sphero BB -8 will move wherever he wants and you can follow his path on your screen and see the items it encounters.

- Holographic Message: unbelievable but true, the future is at your feet ! You can through this mode, send holographic messages and disseminate via augmented reality. Record your video, place your smartphone on the robot and you'll see your message appears on your screen in a loop.

To finish, the robot will recognize and react at the sound of your voice. His personality will be different depending on the interactions you have with him.


- Dimensions : 11.4 cm x 7.3 cm
- Color : white and orange
- Diodes to liven up the robot
- Battery life : 60 min
- Range : 30 m
- Gyroscopic propulsion




- Sphero BB-8 body
- Sphero BB-8 head with two antenna
- Base station
- USB-MicroUSB charger

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