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Sphero Mini Activity EDU Pack

Educational Activity Pack + 16 Sphero Mini
Sphero (Orbotix)

The 16 Sphero Mini Education pack contains everything you need to learn programming while having fun in your classroom. This pack contains 16 Sphero Mini programmable educational robots, as well as protective covers, mini traffic cones, bowling pins, construction games and activity cards that will keep the students' attention on learning STEAM through fun and creative activities.

The Sphero Mini is equipped with a gyroscope, engine encoders and accelerometers. The shells are replaceable to customize the Sphero Mini and you will be able to connect the Sphero robots to the Sphero Play and Sphero Edu applications to play STEM games and learn how to code.

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Site Reference : RA_OZO058
Manufacturer Reference : BUNEDUM01

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Sphero Mini Education 16-Pack

Sphero Mini Education 16-Pack

Sphero Mini offers different types of STEM and code learning, taking into account all levels of difficulty and experience. Beginners can drive the Sphero Mini and play STEAM-inspired games via the Sphero Play application, while advanced users can program directly with Block Based Coding or Javascript in the Sphero Edu application.

Use the Home Learning Guide to guide students to learn even in the tele-school setting. A simple and practical guide to accompany both students and parents in the use of the Sphero mini and the realization of the activities.

The Sphero Mini it's :

  • Bluetooth communication
  • 45 minutes of playing time
  • Various sensors
  • A programmable robot
  • Many LED lights
  • Interchangeable hulls
  • A multitude of games and activities via the Sphero Play and Sphero EDU applications​

Activities of the Educational Kit 16 Pack Sphero Mini

Battering Ram: Drop the pins and cones from your high tower.

Sphero Mini 16 Edu Pack activity 1

Archie Ball: Roll your little robot through the arches to score points.

Sphero Mini 16 Edu Pack activity 2

Plot Bot: Build a story around the construction game.

Sphero Mini 16 Edu Pack activity 3

Sphero Mini : Teeny Technology

  • Hours of fun: the Sphero Mini is very popular all over the world and now comes with even more things to explore! The Sphero Mini Activity Kit contains everything the little inventors need to get started, code and play in minutes.
  • Learn Step-by-Step: Learn the basics of STEM and coding by following the step-by-step activity sheets with 15 challenges and games that provide hours of learning and hands-on play.
  • Build, play, learn, code: for the first time ever, Sphero's Mini now combines a 28-piece building kit with step-by-step activity cards to help increase play time and imagination. Discover 15 games and challenges.

  • 16 Sphero Mini app-enabled robotic balls w/clear shells and laser-etched IDs
  • 16 Robotic ball covers
  • 16 sets of 6 pins and 3 cones
  • 8 construction sets
  • 8 splitter USB cables
  • Soft bundled with 8 sets of 15 activity cards.
  • STEAM-related callouts
  • 3 in each category based on ability
  • QR codes link to a programs where students can run and manipulate code.
  • Free Sphero Edu app available for download on iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, Windows, and Chrome
  • Free Sphero Play app available for download on iOS and Android
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