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Sphero RVR Multi-Pack of 5

Pack of 5 programmable robots Sphero RVR
Sphero (Orbotix)

The Sphero RVR is probably the most advanced programmable educational robot of the brand, offering the most creative possibilities. Discover the Sphero RVR Multi Pack which contains 5 robots and will allow students to work in groups to learn STEM: build mobile projects, participate in a hackathon, deploy the IR capabilities of RVRs and experiment communication between robots. Sphero RVR is an expandable platform that can be transformed into almost any type of robot by students of all ages and levels.

Includes 5 RVRs and batteries, 5 roller cages and mounting plates, 5 sets of color cards. Compatible with the Sphero Edu application for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire OS, macOS, Windows and Chrome OS. Compatible with the Sphero Public SDK

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Site Reference : RA_OZO059
Manufacturer Reference : RV01EDU001

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Sphero RVR Multi-Pack: Pack of 5 RVR robots

The programmable robot Sphero RVR is a blank page to make evolve through projects with your students. Discover the Sphero RVR Multi-Pack specially created for classrooms and ready to use. It is composed of 5 programmable RVR spheroes that will allow students to start coding, building and experimenting around the most versatile educational robot of the Sphero brand:

Sphero RVR Multi Pack

  • Explore communication between robots with the RVR's integrated IR sensor
  • Set up stations for different projects
  • Design and participate in a hackathon
  • Adapt projects according to the different levels of competence
  • Create team challenges

Sphero RVR for skill building

Suitable for beginners in programming

The Sphero RVR is fun to drive and easy to code. Open the Sphero Edu application to drive the RVR robot anywhere and when you're ready to start coding, the Sphero Edu application makes it simple and intuitive: start with Draw & Drive and then dive into the Scratch Blocks.

A support for creators

Integrate RVR's powerful embedded sensors into your programming projects and coding creations, then share them with the world.

Highly expandable for hackers

Code with JavaScript, develop with third-party hardware, or go even further with the public SDK library. RVR is the mobile platform that can accompany the most skilled hackers and programmers.

Sphero RVR

Sphero RVR : infinite possibilities

A powerful engine, off-road tracks and plenty of torque give you the freedom to drive the RVR just about anywhere. Sphero RVR also features a precise, professional-level control system that won't be deterred by obstacles or uneven surfaces.

Build the robot of your dreams and then program it in three ways with the Sphero EDU application. Draw & Drive, Scratch Blocks and Javascript.

The Sphero RVR's onboard sensors include a color sensor, light sensor, IR, magnetometer, accelerometer and gyroscope. Navigate with the RVR through a maze of colors or a trap in the IR to play with the communication between robots.

The RVR is an expandable and programmable mobile platform that integrates seamlessly into your STEAM program. The RVR's 4-pin UART expansion port is designed to work with most third-party hardware, such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, micro:bit, and the newest member of the Sphero family, littleBits. Explore our brand new RVR-specific activities in the Sphero Edu application. Try them out, create your own activities and share them with other educators.


  • 5 RVRs
  • 5 Batteries
  • 5 Roll Cages
  • 5 Mounting Plates
  • 5 USBs
  • 5 Sets of color cards
  • 5 Keys (Unlocks RVR battery compartment)
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 1 Getting Started Card
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