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TTS Scratch Remote Control

Remote control for Scratch programming

The TTS Group Scratch Remote Control is a simple input device that can extend the use of Scratch 2.0 in the classroom. 

The TTS remote control has four directional keys, a go key, a torsion control and a four-way tilt sensor. It is available individually or in packs of 6 remote controls.

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Site Reference : RA_TTS040
Manufacturer Reference : EL00530

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Shipped within 2 to 8 Days
40,80 €

Scratch TTS Group Remote Control​

A simple input device that can extend your use of Scratch 2.0 by TTS Group Education

Our own Scratch Controller is an input device that we have specially designed for use with the popular Scratch 2.0 programming language. The controller provides an easy way to extend the use of Scratch.

Children can design and create fun and challenging activities while developing their programming and debugging skills. Its elegant and robust design makes it the perfect alternative to using a keyboard or mouse in Scratch. Please note that this resource is compatible with the offline editor Scratch 2.0.

TTS Scratch Remote Control


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