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TTS Rechargeable ProBot Robot

Programmable educational robot language Logo

The ProBot TTS robot is a programmable educational robot that allows students to explore advanced control techniques. This robot has the ability to operate completely autonomously, by programming the car directly or with the help of computer software using dedicated software.

Adapted to all levels, it allows simple programming or writing more advanced commands. Also draw routes with a pen or felt pen. The ProBot robot is available individually or in packs of 6 for your classes.

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Site Reference : RA_TTS046
Manufacturer Reference : EL00479

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ProBot TTS Programmable Robot​

The TTS ProBot educational robot can be implemented in your classrooms as a continuation of the use of the Bee Bot robot and for older children. The buttons and screen on the robot will allow you to include various inputs as triggers such as the sound and light sensor. The software provided will allow more advanced control techniques to be taught.

The Pro-Bot robot will allow you to teach different things like:

  • Estimate lengths and angles by drawing several straight lines, let the children estimate lengths and angles and check this estimate using the Pro Bot robot.
  • Learn geometry by making different shapes with the robot
  • Learn the coordinates by reaching them with the robot on a specific grid
  • Perform geometric dictations by preparing a route, break down the movement and dictate it to a second student who will have to program the robot to reproduce it


Pro Bot TTS Robot: features

  • Ideal for KS2 programming
  • Attractive and bright car design
  • Robust and durable for daily use
  • Can work independently or with your PC with dedicated software
  • Can be used simply by programming arrows or with more complex commands
  • Routes can be plotted using our simple pen mechanism and a felt pen
  • Fully functional headlights using light sensors
  • Voice activated functions / bumper sensors
  • Four location points on the housing allow the use of the K'Nex ®
  • Works with Windows 7.and higher

Pro-Bot per unit:

  • 1 x Pro-Bot Robot
  • 1 x USB cable​

Pro-Bot starter kit:

  • 6 x Pro-Bot Robots
  • 6 x USB cables 
  • 1 x Probotix mutipost license (site) 
  • 3 x ProBot Carpet  
  • 1 x Transparent long carpet 

Pro-Bot pack classroom:

  • 6 x Pro-Bot Robots
  • 6 x USB cables 
  • 1 x Charge HUB
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