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WINBOT X Wireless Window Cleaner Robot

Window Washing Robot

Ecovacs' new Winbot X window cleaner is the latest of the brand and is now wireless for ease of use. It cleans effectively and without leaving traces all types of interior and exterior windows: sliding doors, windows with or without frames, shower screens...

Thorough and efficient cleaning of your windows to get rid of all the dirt accumulated during the day.

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Site Reference : RA_AMI012
Manufacturer Reference : WINBOT X

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Autonomous and wireless window washer: Winbot X from Ecovacs

The windows of the house, both inside and out, are exposed throughout the day and over the week to many traces that can easily be left to accumulate. The more time goes by, the more difficult it will be to detach them! Winbot X by Ecovacs is a new generation robot that will clean your interior and exterior windows of all this dirt: humidity, fingerprints, dust...

Winbot X is the very first wireless window cleaner with a remote control that can be recharged at the same time as it cleans your windows to ensure that it can perform this task without problems on all the windows in your home. It has an intelligent navigation system that allows it to define the best path for cleaning your windows. Its cleaning cycle is efficient, can be done even in corners that are difficult to access and especially without leaving a single trace of its passage on your windows. It cleans, scrapes and wipes all surfaces on which it passes.

Its obstacle detection sensors allow it to know when the glass stops and its powerful fastening system will ensure complete serenity: it cannot detach itself from the glass while you are away. The Winbot X from Ecovacs is the ideal window washing robot that will give you more time to focus on your daily activities.


  • More flexibility with a wireless robot
  • Many cleaning processes and deep cleaning methods for better results
  • Unique, ultra-secure fastening system
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 24 months


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