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Ecovacs is part of the hit list of the 5 biggest brands of domestic robots since 2006 to do housework instead of you, in a click and even during your absence. More than 60 million products have been sold all over the world.

But it’s especially the N°1 of the windows cleaning robots with Winbot: a smart robot and programmable equipped with the sensors, which allow it to get bearings and automatically wash windows without leaving neither tracks nor scratches.

  • Analysis of the surface to wash to save time
  • Memorizing of the cycles and surfaces already washed
  • Smart and considered movement
  • Can be used in exterior with the safety basket
  • Backup battery
  • Real-time warning of potential malfunctions

Discover all the windows cleaning robots of Winbot on Robot Advance by browsing their performances, technical characteristics and use in video.  

Microfiber Pads For Winbot 830 (x2)

Accessory For Winbot 830
15,99 € 7,99 €
WINBOT X wireless window cleaner robot

WINBOT X Wireless Window Cleaner Robot

Window Washing Robot
449,00 €
Winbot extension cord

Winbot Extension Cord

Winbot 710-730 / 830-850 / 930-950
19,99 €
Microfiber Pads For Winbot 850

Microfiber Pads For Winbot 850 (x2)

Accessory For Winbot Robot
19,99 €
Microfiber Pads For Winbot 950

Microfiber Pads For Winbot 950 (x2)

Accessory For Winbot Robot
19,99 €
WINBOT 950 window washing robot

WINBOT 950 Window Washing Robot

Window Washing Robot
399,00 €
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