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GameBender Makey Makey Educational Kit

Innovative and educational kit around video games

GameBender is a new radical coding system, in which you modify and code games while you play them, as with photoshop and your photos! This frees up wild creativity during the game and allows you to learn programming while having fun.  GameBender is based on Scratch. 

Millions of coded scratch projects are now available on GameBender. The founder of GameBender helped launch Scratch in 2007 at MIT. Scratch is the most popular visual block programming language for beginners. 

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Gamebender: play, modify, create, learn!

Follow a programming card to write your first code extract. You have just coded a problem that you can apply to any game. Millions of coded scratch projects are now available on GameBender. The founder of GameBender helped launch Scratch in 2007 at MIT. Scratch is the most popular visual block programming language for beginners. 


GameBender code cards


The types of games and contributors on Scratch and GameBender are more diverse than on any other console. Each game is shared by individual creators from all over the world. You can play millions of games for free. Play platform games and puzzle games similar to the already well-known games but also independent games created by people like you and me.

Most importantly, the GameBender console allows you to transform any game into an augmented reality experience. You can play directly with your hands, your head or any object you like, such as the part of pizza you are eating!


GameBender virtual reality game

In addition to games, you will also find various DIY applications and shows to teach children to become manual and make all kinds of things. Then, break the line between creation and play. GameBender is an infinitely flexible game system that is as easy to use as a pair of scissors. The idea was to interactively transpose the scissors, glue or paint into the programming world so that modifying the games or coding is simple, quick and fun for a result that children can be proud of.

Game filters allow you to edit an entire game while you play it, almost like an Instagram filter for video games. Glitches" allow you to be a game designer. Insert new characters, assign powers and cast magic spells in real time, almost like Photoshop for your photos. Inject a unicorn gun and portals, switch places with anyone, clone objects, apply visual filters to characters: everything is programmable and can be integrated into the game, your imagination and creativity are your only limits.


GameBender modify a video game


Change your games and the way you "play the game" to learn while having fun. More than 50 basic problems are included in GameBender. Here are some examples of the infinite possibilities:



Different cards help you throughout the process of programming and modifying video games, everything becomes easier:

  • Programming cards
  • Glitch Maps
  • Code cards

The 25 code cards provided guide you through your first problems and games.

Coding lessons often fall flat because they do not start from what is great and many children do not learn enough. GameBender's approach does not start with "learning to code", it plunges children in groups into a truly attractive world, a world in which code is the way to do new things.

While playing, children are already learning that games can be coded and modified by everyone. Then, you can apply a one-click filter or use different tools to see the code and give children their first immersion in the world of coding and programming. You can then modify the variables live while you play and follow the code cards to write your own code. You can code your first game in a few minutes.

Here is a video of how to use the GameBender educational kit in class:



GameBender: box contents

When it is released, Makey Makey Makey's GameBender kit will be available in two different packs. All the elements listed below will be contained in the most complete package. The less complete package will include the GameBender console, a single controller, a pair of 3D glasses, camera and Glitch cards.

  • 1 game console
  • 2 control levers
  • Code and Glitch cards
  • 4 pairs of 3D glasses
  • 1 Camera
  • 1 Class 101 Code Booklet to accompany you and guide you on GameBender
  • A wireless keyboard and mouse
  • A power supply adapter
  • The cables needed for GameBender
  • Cards containing a lot of video games and glitch to use


GameBender Creators

GameBender was created by the same creators as Makey Makey. The Gamebender project has also been proposed on participatory funding platforms such as Kickstarter and has again attracted many contributors by raising $55,000 to date from 179 individual contributors, which will enable the project to be launched very soon. On all projects, Makey Makey and GameBender were supported by 15115 people on Kickstarter and the products now have hundreds of thousands of customers.

The team hopes that GameBender will set people's creative hearts on fire. In 10 years, their slogan has never changed: "The world is a creative kit". Everyone is an inventor!


Team gamebender


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