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Who hasn't already had fun in his childhood with the flat mazes under the plastic window and the metal ball to direct to reach the finish line. It is a toy of anthology that has left its mark on us all and is now being updated thanks to Perplexus.

Don't be fooled by their simplistic appearance, the Perplexus are 3D labyrinths offering different types of difficulties and that will have to be solved by carefully observing the course and its obstacles. 

Use observation, ingenuity and logic to overcome the many obstacles contained in these Perplexus spherical 3D labyrinths, about 17 centimetres in diameter:

  • Perplexus Rookie for novices: 70 obstacles to discover
  • Perplexus Original for the intermediate level with 100 obstacles
  • Perplexus Epic for the most experienced with no less than 125 obstacles
  • Perplexus Harry Potter for the fans of the series of the same name

Overcome these 3D labyrinths and cross the finish line from different starting points to constantly measure yourself at different levels of difficulty. This new toy is recommended for children over 8 years old.

Perplexus Rubiks 2 by 2

Perplexus Portal 3D Ball Maze

Spherical 3D maze Perplexus 3D
34,99 € 32,59 €

Perplexus Beast

3D Perplexus Labyrinth
24,99 € 21,69 €

Perplexus Rookie Rebel

3D Perplexus Labyrinth
19,99 € 17,99 €

Perplexus Epic

Spherical 3D Perplexus Labyrinth
29,99 € 25,99 €
Perplexus Revolution Runner

Perplexus Revolution Runner

3D Perplexus Labyrinth
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