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Perplexus Epic

Spherical 3D Perplexus Labyrinth

Discover the new Perplexus Epic. A spherical shape game that contains an incredible 3D labyrinth. Handle it carefully to move the ball forward and reach the finish. This new Perplexus Epic contains 125 obstacles to overcome. Beware, the slightest mistake is fatal!

Toy recommended for children over 10 years old.  

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Site Reference : RA_SPI263
Manufacturer Reference : 6053141

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Perplexus Epic 6053141 : Spherical 3D maze

In this incredible 3D maze, only the most skillful will reach the finish.

Perplexus is both a puzzle and a diabolical, innovative and addictive game of skill! A 3-dimensional maze, contained in a transparent sphere that the player must manipulate in all directions to make a ball progress through the course. The circuit uses both front and back, forcing players to adapt their movements to the 3 dimensions, with increasingly difficult passages. The slightest mistake is fatal!

A game that encourages the development of skill, motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Ideal for children and adults alike! 125 particularly difficult obstacles make up the course.

Cross the gondola, the coil, the launching ramp or the Escher stairs ! An "expert" version that requires a high level of concentration and skill. The course is numbered and marked to help you find your way around, and you can restart from several points to avoid fatigue.

Diameter of the ball: 20 cm / From 10 years old. 


Perplexus Epic Labyrinth

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