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JIMU Robot: Robot-Advance Schools Promotion

Educational robots

Who is UBTECH?

UBTECH is a company that has established itself as a world leader in the field of humanoid robotics and artificial intelligence. It was established in 2012 after many years of research and development in the field of digital servo controls, which is the most important part of humanoid robots, since it is what allows them to move.

UBTECH robotics

After having worked hard on different axes of their offers such as research, manufacturing, development or marketing, the company was able to successfully launch its first range of robots, which is now more than complete:

  • Humanoid robots for the general public
  • Business service robots
  • Robots for developing children's STEM skills at home (JIMU Robot) and in the classroom (UBTECH Education)

UBTECH Education: JIMU robots

UBTECH Education is a very special part of UBTECH that offers robotics learning solutions entirely designed for and dedicated to teaching. Intelligent robots to be built and programmed to prepare students for the future and thrive in STEM learning. 

The key words of JIMU Robot are clear: Build, code, play!

JIMU Robots have been designed so that the learning process is fun, simplified and can both build children's confidence and also be easily set up and understood by parents at home :

  • No additional tools are needed
  • A rechargeable battery is included
  • Creations can be coded, updated and customized to make creativity work without limits.


Learning is a learning process that starts at the lowest level: the neophyte. To make it easy for children to take up the challenge, JIMU Robot's educational robots are taught using a visual and easy-to-use drag and drop system: building and programming a robot has never been so easy!

These robotic kits by UBTECH have the primary objective of giving children confidence and never again restrict their ambitions. Whatever their desires and projects, learning STEM and programming JIMU robot kits can make the difference in problem solving, analysis, learning, construction, understanding and of course the satisfaction of success: all in a simple, safe and fun environment.

The robot JIMU kits by UBTECH can contain up to 440 parts and different robots to build, program and customize to allow children to take their time and enjoy the experience.

JIMU robot in your schools: Robot-Advance offers

To allow you to easily integrate the robot JIMU kits in your classrooms and with your students, Robot-Advance offers you preferential prices valid on the 3 most appreciated kits of the range and offering the most possibilities in class:

It is recommended that each robot be built and used by groups of 3 students to increase collaboration and group work. A minimum of 10 JIMU Robot kits are required for implementation in a class of 30 students. That's why we offer two preferential rates :

  • 5% discount for the purchase of 5 to 9 JIMU Robot kits
  • 10% discount for the purchase of 10 or more Jimu Robot kits

Promotions jimu robot

JIMU Scorebot

This JIMU robot dedicated to Football is an official partner of the Manchester City FC team.

  • 261 nesting parts, 1 infrared sensor, 1 fluid motion robotic servomotor and 2 fast motion DC motors for true STEM teaching.
  • Program the robot to dribble, shoot and shoot objects, avoid obstacles and more using Blockly coding in the free JIMU application.
  • Create custom actions with the PRP (Pause, Record, Play) function.
  • No tools required - 3D, 360° animated instructions make robot assembly easy.
  • Recommended for children 8 years and older.


JIMU TruckBot

Learning STEM, robotics and programming around two construction robots: the DozerBot to make the shovel and the GravelBot to transport the blocks.

  • Coddable robots to be assembled, for learning and playing on the theme of construction.
  • 410 interchangeable parts that can be interchanged to build a GravelBot, a DozerBot, or a creation imagined by the children.
  • Program the robot to drive, explore, move and much more using Blockly coding in the free JIMU application.
  • Create custom actions with the PRP (Pause, Record, Play) function.
  • No tools required - 3D, 360° animated instructions make robot assembly easy.


JIMU UnicornBot

Children love unicorns, a mystical animal that makes them dream and that they will be able to build, program and animate while developing their knowledge of robotics, STEM and programming.

  • A mythical creature to build and code for the pleasure of magic.
  • 440 interchangeable parts to be interlocked to build a UnicornBot or another creation imagined by the children.
  • Program the movement with the color sensor and 8 color cards included for personalized actions and dances.
  • Bright LED unicorn horn that allows you to choose colours from the RGB colour spectrum.
  • Program your robot to walk, dance, move and more using Blockly coding in the JIMU application.
  • Create custom actions with the PRP (Pause, Record, Play) function.
  • No tools required - 3D, 360° animated instructions make robot assembly easy.


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