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Test of the educational robot Ozobot Evo

Educational robots

We tested the robot Ozobot Evo for you to explain in detail all possibilities of this mini educational robot which get much talked about it. Ideal to keep the younger and elder kids during the holidays, transportable wherever you go, it’s delivered with: 

  • 4 colorful markers
  • A playfield
  • A USB cable (for recharging the battery)
  • All in a small pouch

It’s necessary to plan around 20 minutes to charge and you can play with it approximately during the same time before recharging.

Available in black and white, Ozobot Evo opens a breach between the virtual coding and physical color games. It’s a real source of wonder for children from 3 to 6 years old.

Codes and colors with Ozobot Evo

couleurs avec Ozobot Evo

Ozobot Evo shows an educational robot that makes beautiful colors. Children enjoy the simple playfield (cardboard) embellished with wonderful colorful Crayola markers, especially with the small dotted line codes.

The robot has infrared sensors in front and at the back, as well as a color detection above. The five lights in the front and on the top can also change on command.  

Ozobot Evo moves through the playfield by following color code usually called OzoCodes.

They manifest as change of gear, of direction, of station… so the kids can make up their own codes.

They can also find other combinations on the pages Ozobot. It’s important to note that you can use a mobile application to control and guide the robot to a color instead of another. So it’s a very interesting contribution in terms of additional animations. 

Ozobot games

jouer a Ozobot Evo

In fact, Ozobot is available in a very variety of games and designations. Among the direct competitors of Evofigure like Ozobot Bit. It’s the first to offer the Ozoblockly, a visual bloc’s language that allows including loops, variables, changes of light and sound in programming. The Ozobot Evo educational robot still takes a step into the second generation, thanks to its programs more easily to download on the internet.

We note also Ozobot Sphero which presents a field of code more large than Evo. However, the last one arouses the most passions, thanks to its unique interactivity with paper and markers. 

Our conclusions

Evo’s practical aspect allows it to face up to the competition. For example, the educational robot 

can work on any white surface on which we drew the color codes.

Its portability distinguishes between itself and the lot, criterion allowing to slip it in a pouch without worry. Its miniature model proves to be also more compatible with the codes available on Lego and Playmobil. However, some people see a vulnerable point in this little size, since it must be protected the small obstacles which could disturb its good working.

Whatever it be, Evo stays a very technological toy that do perfectly its educational jobs. Discover in our online shop all the robots Ozobot.

Ozobot Evo in video

This link guides you to a YouTube video that allows children to see more clearly how to revel in this mini high-tech robot. What's better than a video to learn more about the possibilities of Ozobot Evo and to realize its capabilities?

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