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BBC micro:bit Kitronik Simple Robotics Kit

BBC Complete School Robotics Kit by Kitronik

A complete kit of electronics and teaching materials called The Lesson in a Box (Simple Robotics) that allows for successful cross-curricular courses with little work on the part of the instructor. To save you time, the kit and materials have been tested by real students and prepared by real teachers. The materials encourage students to consider conventional STEM activities as valuable in their curriculum, as well as covering KS3/KS4 standards.

This kit includes 10 student and 1 teacher electronics kits (11 in total) supplied in a large reusable tray from Gratnells. Contact us directly for an order of more than 5 pieces for your school.

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Manufacturer Reference : 5657

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499,99 €

BBC Micro:bit simple robotics kit by Kitronik for classes and schools

All course materials, including technician notes, lesson plans and workbooks or worksheets, are organised for ease of use by teachers. They are provided in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and PDF formats, all of which can be copied, edited and printed to suit your teaching preferences. The Lesson in a Box kit also comes with a Quick Start Guide that provides a summary of everything in it, including a synopsis of your new lessons, instructions for setting up your kit, instructions for using the Microbit, code samples, and more!


The robots use Kitronik's Klip Motor Driver, which was created specifically for this type of activity, and BBC Microbit! Alligator clips are used for all connections, so there is no need to solder. The microbit has the advantage of being both user-friendly and feature-rich, and can be programmed in a variety of languages to suit all skill levels.

This cross-curricular kit has been created for DT, Computer Science and Physics.

  • The Lesson in a Box The Simple Robotics pack is a comprehensive combination of electronic devices and teaching aids designed to facilitate successful cross-curricular sessions with little effort on the part of the instructor.
  • The package covers three of the Progress 8 national curriculum areas (design and technology, computing and physics).
  • Technicians and students do not need to weld.
  • Real students and instructors have tried and tested the kit and the teaching tools, which were designed by real teachers.
  • Technician notes, lesson plans, materials and workbooks or worksheets are all included in the kit.
  • The kit is intended to be used repeatedly, and all components have been selected/designed with this in mind.
  • The kits are packaged in a sturdy, reusable Grantnells tray to keep them together and safe between uses.

Requirements : 

  • 1 x microbit per robot.
  • 3 AA batteries per robot.
  • Cardboard to make the chassis templates. These can be laser cut (DXF file in the tech notes) or hand cut from old reprographics boxes or equivalent (about 2-3mm cardboard is ideal). A paper template for hand cutting is also included in the technicians' notes.
  • Rubber bands.
  • Adhesive tape/glue.

BBC Micro Bit Robotics Kit Kitronik Class

Contents of the BBC Micro bit simple robotics kit by Kitronik

There are 10 student and 1 teacher electronics kits (11 in total) supplied in a large reusable tray from Gratnells.

Each kit includes

  • 1 x Kitronik Klip motor control board for BBC micro:bit.
  • 2 x Kitronik TT clip-on motor boards (with cable ties and screws).
  • 2 x Hobby TT motors with right-angle gearing.
  • 2 x 5-spoke injection moulded wheels for TT motors.
  • 1 x set of 10 clip-on cables.
  • 1 x ping-pong ball for the robot wheel.
  • A simple chassis model.
  • A USB stick containing all the resources and the robot chassis model.

The USB key contains :

  • A quick start guide for teachers and technicians.
  • KS3 Design and Technology Project - 6 week design challenge.
  • KS4 Design and Technology Lesson - Prototype Challenge.
  • KS3 Computer Science lesson - Sequencing, selection and iteration.
  • KS4 Computer Science lesson - Computational thinking; decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithms.
  • KS3 Physics/Combined Science lesson - Experiments with distance and time.
  • KS3 physics/combined science lesson - Velocity - Time experiments.
  • Enrichments/ Open days - Robot challenge avoiding obstacles.
  • Enrichments/ Open days - Robot dance challenge.
  • Robot assembly poster.

Ressource for the kit BBC Micro Bit Kitronik

There are 10 student and 1 teacher electronics kits (11 in total) supplied in a large reusable tray from Gratnells.

Each kit includes

  • 1 x Kitronik Klip motor control board for BBC micro:bit.
  • 2 x Kitronik TT clip-on motor boards (with cable ties and screws).
  • 2 x Hobby TT motors with right-angle gearing.
  • 2 x 5-spoke injection moulded wheels for TT motors.
  • 1 x set of 10 clip-on cables.
  • 1 x ping-pong ball for the robot wheel.
  • A simple chassis model.
  • A USB key containing all the resources and the robot chassis model.

The USB key contains :

  • A quick start guide for teachers and technicians.
  • KS3 Design and Technology Project - 6 week design challenge.
  • KS4 Design and Technology Lesson - Prototype Challenge.
  • KS3 Computer Science lesson - Sequencing, selection and iteration.
  • KS4 Computer Science lesson - Computational thinking; decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithms.
  • KS3 Physics/Combined Science lesson - Experiments with distance and time.
  • KS3 physics/combined science lesson - Velocity - Time experiments.
  • Enrichments/ Open days - Robot challenge avoiding obstacles.
  • Enrichments/ Open days - Robot dance challenge.
  • Robot assembly poster.
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