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Bioloid AX-S1 Sensor Module


The best solution to build quickly smart robots!

The AX-S1 is all-in-one sensor module that detects sound, distance with IR lights, and light brightness.
It also comes with the buzzer and IR remote controller sensor. It has 3 directional sensors (front/left/right) to detect distance and brightness, internal NIC to detect sound, wireless communication via IR lights.

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Site Reference : RA_BIO009
Manufacturer Reference : 902-0025-000

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• Weight: 37g
• Dimension: 32mm x 50.1mm x 40mm
• Operating Temperature: -5C ~ +85C
• Recommended Voltage: 7V~10V
• Command Signal: Digital Packet
• Protocol Type: Half duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication
• Link (Physical): TTL Level Multi Drop
• Communication Speed: 7843bps ~ 1 Mbps
• Feedback: Infra-red Sensor, Internal MIC, Temperature, Input Voltage, IR Remocon Tx/Rx Data, etc.
• Material : Engineering Plastic


• AX-S1: 1 pc
• ADAPTOR 1: 1 pc
• Nut M2: 16 pcs
• 3P Cable 200MM: 1 pc
• Bolt (PHS M2*6): 16 pcs
• Bolt (PHS M3*10): 1 pc


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