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ZIG100 pair – ZIGBEE wireless interfaces


Do you need a wireless communication module for your ROBOTIS products? ZigBee is a wireless communication technology as reliable as Bluetooth technology, simpler and less expensive!

With this ZIG-100 module, use a simple and efficient tool to communicate with your ROBOTIS products!

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Site Reference : RA_BIO012
Manufacturer Reference : 902-0026-000

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 The Zig100 embedded device allows the CM5/CM2 serial port to talk to a remote serial port wirelesslly. The the kit comes as a pair of devices. Communications can be established with any other Zig100 either plugged to a PC or to another CM5/CM2.

To connect a Zig100 to the PC and/or to configure settings on the Zigbee modules you will need the Zig2Serial adapter board.


Zigbee Features

• 2.4 Ghz wireless communication
• ~50 foot indoor (unobstructed) range
• Communication Speed: 9600~115200bps (Initial Baud rate: 57600 bps)
• Broadcasting mode support : 1 to all
• Operating Voltage : 3.3V
• Average current consumption : 30mA
• 11 Communication Channels



• CM-5
• CM-2
• Zig2Serial

This item is not compatible with the BIOLOID Premium Kit and OLLO. For the Premium kits and OLLO you need Zig110.



• Zig2Serial





2x Wireless communication modules ZIG-100


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