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CM-5 Bioloid Controller

ROBOTIS robots motherboard

Go for the CM-5, a controller based on the famous Atmega 128 16Mhz processor and its 128KB of flash memory signed Atmel. Its box with buttons and LED offers an user interface and a significant protection for the CPU.

Program your robot from a computer and set its status and modes directly from the CM-5!

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Site Reference : RA_BIO007
Manufacturer Reference : 902-0019-000

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The CM-5 has a Dynamixel AX bus 1-wire capable of reaching transfer speeds to 1Mbps. AX-12 servos, AX-S1 sensors and your self-made-card can freely operate the control bus. The CM-5 firmware includes a default and a bootloader. The default firmware, which is regularly updated by ROBOTIS and available for free download, allows Motion Editor and Behavior Control software to interact with the serial interface cable. But ROBOTIS thinks also to developers: using compiler standard tools Atmel , you can develop your own firmware!


• Fuse for excess current interception
• Power : 9V battery or 9.6V AA NiMH (sold separately)
• Operating voltage : 7V~12 V
• Interface
    • Dynamixel (AX-Series) connector
    • ZIG-100(wireless communication module) Connection possibility
    • LED : TX, RX, AUX
    • RS-232C Serial Port (PC connection)
    • 6 Buttons (5 input + reset button)

Operation Mode

• Behavior control program playing mode (PLAY mode)
• Dynamixel management mode (MANAGE mode)
• Motion Editing mode (PROGRAM mode)



  • 1x CM-5
  • 1x Adaptor-CM5

* Batteries (NiMH 9.6V Battery) for the CM-5 sold separately.



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