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BPM Core Withings

Blood Pressure Monitor, Electrocardiogram And Stethoscope

Withings' connected BPM Core blood pressure monitor has been clinically validated and developed in partnership with cardiology professionals from Georges-Pompidou and Antoine-Béclère hospitals in Paris. This BPM Core monitor will allow you to obtain the results of your cardiovascular check-up at the touch of a button. No need for a phone, the monitor has a screen to display the results that will be synchronized in Wi-Fi.

Withing's BPM Core offers 3 functions in 1: blood pressure monitor, electrocardiogram and digital stethoscope.

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Site Reference : RA_TIL152
Manufacturer Reference : WI-WPM04-ALL-INTER

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249,95 €

Professional connected blood pressure monitor: BPM Core Withings

With the simple touch of a button on the Withings BPM Core, you can get a cardiovascular check-up in 90 seconds. The connected monitor will give you various information such as blood pressure and the detection of two of the most common cardiovascular diseases.

  • Mobile data synchronization with the free Health Mate application
  • Immediate display of results with easy to read color code
  • Management of 8 different users
  • 6 months battery life and USB charging
  • Creating alerts to take your measurements
  • Apple Health compatible
  • Compatible with iOS 10+ and Android 6.0 or later
  • Wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth synchronization

BPM Core Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

The blood pressure monitor will allow you to monitor hypertension with medically accurate results. You will then have the statement that can be sent directly to your doctor to ensure that everything is going well. The results obtained are accompanied by a specific colour code according to the seriousness of the elements analysed and facilitate the interpretation of the measurements.

These results are given according to the recommendations of the European Society of Hypertension and therefore very reliable. This organization recommends that these data be closely monitored since one in three adults suffer from hypertension, the leading cause of heart disease and stroke, which often has no symptoms.


BPM Core Blood Pressure Monitor

Electrocardiogram BPM Core Withings

The electrocardiogram is the second feature of the Withings BPM Core and will allow you to closely monitor atrial fibrillation: 2 electrodes are placed in the cuff and a third in the metal tube, for a medical grade ECG. Data is instantly displayed on the device and sent to the mobile application to be immediately notified of possible signs of atrial fibrillation.

This pathology affects 1 in 4 adults: it is the most common form of arrhythmia and can cause fatique, shortness of breath or heart failure. It is also a major risk of stroke that is important to monitor regularly with an electrocardiogram, capable of detecting it. This type of pathology often has no apparent symptoms.



BPM Core Withings electronic scope

The electronic stethoscope allows you to monitor valvulopathies. Simply place it near your chest to detect the heartbeat frequencies. These measurements correspond to the opening and closing of the valves. The accuracy of the measurements performed by the Withings BPM Core is ensured by a proprietary artificial intelligence technology, tested on many heartbeats and approved by partner cardiologists.

Valvulopathies are characterized by an abnormality of the heart valves, which may lead to heart failure and require surgery. People with the disease are often unaware of it and early detection remains the best way to manage the disease.

  • BPM Core
  • Micro USB cable
  • Installation guide
  • Free Application Health Mate™

Monitoring the 5 dimensions of your health: Activity, Sleep, Weight, Heart and Environment

Free Withings account

  • To store your data in a secure place and easily access it
  • Download your data for free, anytime
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