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Watches, trackers and connected objects

The connected watches Withings are concentrate of technology that will allow you to take care of you and follow you activities all day long and in the night. Define your goals and follow your performances thanks to the numerous connected applications to the watch that you choose.

Whether it’s your sportive activity, your diet, your sleep or the step numbers that you will walk in the day, all the information is recorded and followed on your smartphone in order to understand your well-being, your goals and their evolution that get a little closer to you every day.

Top vente
Withings steel HR sport black

Withings Steel HR Sport Connected Watch

Withings Connected Watch
239,95 € 224,95 €
Withings Body Smart connected scale

Withings Body Smart Connected Scale

Withings Body Smart high-performance connected scale
99,95 €
Horizon Scanwatch Connected watch Withings

Horizon Scanwatch Connected watch Withings

Withings connected watch with real-time health monitoring
499,95 €
Withings Body White connected scale

Withings Body Connected Scale

Withings Connected Scale
64,95 €
Body Comp Withings connected scale

Body Comp Withings Connected Scale

Body Comp Withings high-performance connected scale
199,95 €
Withings Thermo

Withings Thermo

Withings Connected thermometer
99,95 €
BPM Connect Withings

BPM Connect Withings

Blood Pressure Monitor Connected Bluetooth And Wi-Fi
129,95 €
Withings Scanwatch connected watch

Withings Scanwatch Connected Watch

Available in black and white, 38mm and 42mm
299,95 €
Withings Body Scan white Connected Scale

Withings Body Scan white Connected Scale

Withings Body Scan high-performance connected scale
399,99 €
BPM Core Withing

BPM Core Withings

Blood Pressure Monitor, Electrocardiogram And Stethoscope
249,95 €
Withings Body Scan connected scale

Withings Body Scan black Connected Scale

Withings Body Scan high-performance connected scale
399,95 €
Withings Scanwatch 2 38mm connected watch

Withings Scanwatch 2 38mm Connected Watch

New-generation hybrid connected watch
349,99 €
Withings Scanwatch NOVA 42mm connected watch

Withings Scanwatch NOVA 42mm Connected Watch

New-generation hybrid connected watch
599,99 €
Withings ScanWatch Light connected watch

Withings ScanWatch Light Connected Watch

New-generation hybrid connected watch
249,99 €
Withings Activité Pop Shark Grey

Withings Activity Pop Shark

Withings Activity Pop Connected Watch
Withings Activity Sapphire Black

Withings Activity Sapphire

Withings Activity Sapphire Connected Watch
Withings Activity Steel White

Withings Activity Steel

Withings Activity Steel Connected Watch
Withings Move activity tracker watch

Withings Move Connected Watch Tracker

Withings Connected Watch And Activity Tracker
74,95 €
Withings Pulse HR activity bracelet

Withings Pulse HR Noir Activity Bracelet

Withings Connected Activity Tracker
Withings BPM+ Tensiomètre Sans Fil Grey

Withings BPM+ Grey

Withings Connected Blood Pressure Monitor
Withings sleep tracker

Withings Sleep Tracker

Withings Activity tracker
99,95 €
Move ECG Withings Connected Watch

Move ECG Withings Watch

Watch Connected To Measure Your ECG
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