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DJI FPV Fly More Combo Mode 2

VR glasses and controller: 4km range, HD 720p/120fps and FPV

Designed with high-tech components and features, DJI Fly More Combo (Mode 2) offers you ultra-high definition image quality and an unforgettable FPV experience thanks to its ability to transmit HD digital images in a very low latency time. They are among the best FPV sensation glasses most popular with amateur and professional UAV pilots.

28ms latency, 4km range, HD 720p/120fps resolution and an outstanding FPV flight experience.

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DJI Fly more Combo: high definition FPV glasses and controller

Highly appreciated by amateurs and drones professionals alike for its many features, DJI Fly More Combo (Mode 2) offers you the best flying experience you can have. You will benefit from a revolutionary HD transmission system with low latency (28 ms at a distance of 4km).

The headset with antennas measures 202 x 126 x110 mm and 2 x 2-inch screens with a resolution of 1440 x 810 each at a frequency of 120 Hz, offering a sharp image of very high quality with an adjustable FOV from 30° to 54° and an adjustable image size from 50% to 100%. Equipped with a memory card compatible with microSD cards with a capacity of up to 128 GB, they can also play MP4, MOV, MKV format videos.

Its external battery from 6.6 to 21.75 V offers them a long autonomy and low power consumption with only 7 W.

  • Video transmission 720p / 120 fps
  • Anti-interference system for digital transmission
  • Low transmission latency of 28 ms
  • Recording images in HD 720p / 60 fps
  • Image recording on micro SD card and instant replay function on DJI glasses
  • Image sharing function between several DJI FPV headphones
  • The DJI digital FPV system can be used with analog image transmission via a third-party receiver, allowing users to switch between AV transmission and digital video transmission
  • Focus mode to improve image quality
  • Omnidirectional antennas to communicate between the headset, controller and DJI Air Unit


DJI JPV Fly more combo mode 2


SJI FPV Fly more combo mode 2

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