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Drone DJI Mavic Air 2

Drone DJI 4K, 60FPS and 48MP photos

Discover the new DJI Mavic Air 2 drone. A high performance foldable drone: 4K Ultra HD Video, 48 Megapixel Photo, CMOS Sensor ½ inches, Max. Speed 68.4 km/h, Autonomy of 34 min, ActiveTrack 3.0 and Three Axis Dial. The Mavic Air 2 takes power and portability to the next level, offering advanced features in a compact form. 

Intelligent photography features and excellent image quality put aerial masterpieces within easy reach. The safest and smartest flight allows you to enhance your flying experience while taking full advantage of your creative potential.

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Site Reference : RA_PDA119
Manufacturer Reference : AR0046469

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DJI Mavic air 2: high performance drone

Master creative aerial photography with smooth, effortless 4K / 60fps video. The D-Cinelike solid color profile retains more information for post-processing. The HEVC (H.265) video codec records more image information, uses less storage and preserves the dynamic range and detail of your images, ensuring superior content.

The secret to incredible HDR video is a high-performance Quad Bayer image sensor. A single image separates exposure levels in different areas, accurately capturing both light and dark details. Images are overlaid to create a colorful, balanced and attractive image with a wider dynamic range. With a 1/2-inch CMOS sensor, the Mavic Air 2 captures superb 48MP photos. Get ready to take your aerial content to the next level.


Drone DJI Mavic air 2

DJI's Mavic Air 2 features SmartPhoto, which integrates scene recognition, HyperLight and HDR in a single mode for better results. Scene recognition optimizes different camera settings for different scenes and supports intelligent recognition in five categories: sunset, sky, grass, snow and trees. The Mavic Air 2 offers DJI's most advanced panorama mode, with a higher dynamic range and incredibly accurate and vivid colors. The Mavic Air 2 combines a powerful camera with smart shooting modes for impressive results. Creative aerial photography has never been easier.

The Mavic Air 2 drone supports 8K hyperlapse, allowing you to distort time and space for particularly impressive images. Best of all, you can get a picture without complex post-processing. Choose between Free, Circle, Course Lock and Waypoint modes, select your shooting location and the DJI Fly application will do the rest.

Automatically capture movie clips with QuickShots. With just a few clicks, the Mavic Air 2 plans and navigates an aerial route for professional-quality photography. Add music, effects and filters with intuitive story templates so you can share your masterpiece directly on social networks.


Stay in the air long enough to get the perfect shot with an impressive battery life of up to 34 minutes and take epic photos at a fast pace with a top speed of 68 km/h in Sport mode.

The Mavic Air 2 drone perceives its environment in three directions: forward, backward and downward. Auxiliary lighting improves visibility and the extra layer of safety provided by obstacle avoidance is ideal for pushing the limits of what is possible.

Mavic Air 2 Drone: technical characteristics


  • Sensor: 1/2" CMOS
  • Effective pixels: 12 MP and 48 MP
  • FOV Objectives: Approx. 84° Format Equivalent to: 24 mm, Aperture: f / 2.8 Focus range: 1 m at ∞
  • ISO range: Movie: 100-6400; Photo (12MP): 100-3200 (Auto) 100-6400 (Manual) Photo (48 MP): 100-1600 (Auto) 100-3200 (Manual)
  • Maximum photo size: 48 MP 8000 × 6000 pixels
  • Video resolution: 4K Ultra HD: 3840 × 2160 24/25/30/48/50/60 fps
  • 2.7 K: 2688 x 1512 24/25/30/48/50/60 ips
  • FHD: 1920 × 1080 24/25/30/48/50/60/120/240 fps
  • 4K Ultra HD HDR: 3840 × 2160 24/25/30 fps
  • 2.7 K HDR: 2688 x 1512 24/25/30 fps
  • HDR FHD: 1920 × 1080 24/25/30 fps
  • Maximum video speed: 120 Mbps​


  • Take-off weight: 570 g
  • Folded dimensions: 180 × 97 × 84 mm (L x W x H)
  • Unfolded: 183 × 253 × 77 mm (L x W x H)
  • Diagonal distance: 302 mm
  • Maximum download speed: 4 m / s (S-mode); 4 m / s (P-mode)
  • Maximum descent rate: 3 m / s (S mode); 3 m / s (P mode); 5 m / s (S mode during steep descent); 3 m / s (all modes at altitudes above 4500 m)
  • Maximum flight time (without wind): 34 minutes
  • Maximum flight time (without wind): 33 minutes
  • Maximum flight distance (without wind): 18.5 km
  • Maximum tilt angle: 35° (S mode); 20° (N mode); 35º (with strong wind)
  • Frequency: 2,400 - 2,483 GHz / 5,725-5,850 GHz
  • Internal storage: 8 GB
  • Stabilization: 3 axes (tilt, rotation, pan)
  • Mechanical: Tilt: -135-45°; Rotation: 45° -45° -45°; Pan: -100-100°.
  • Control: Tilt: -90-0° (default) -90-24° (extended)
  • Maximum controllable speed (tilt): 100 ° / s
  • Angular vibration range: ± 0.01°.

Remote control

  • OcuSync 2.0
    Supported mobile device connectors: Lightning, Micro USB, USB Type-C
    Maximum supported size of mobile devices: 180 × 86 × 10 mm (height × width × thickness)
    Withstands temperatures between -10°C and 40°C
    Android System via iOS


  • Capacity: 3500 mAh
  • Voltage: 11.55 V
  • Load voltage limit: Load voltage limit: 13.2 V
  • Type: LiPo 3S
  • Weight: 198g​


  • Input: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.3 A

SD Cards

  • Supported SD cards: Micro SD ™, with a capacity of up to 256GB

Drone Mavic air 2

  • Mavic Air 2 drone
  • Radio control
  • Intelligent flight battery
  • 3x low-noise propellers (pair)
  • RC cables (USB Type-C, Lightning, Micro-USB standard)
  • Control Joystick
  • Nacelle protection
  • Battery charger
  • Guides
  • AC power cable
  • Type-C cable

Drone Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo

  • Mavic Air 2 drone
  • Radio control
  • 6x low noise propellers (pair)
  • RC cables (USB Type-C, Lightning, Micro-USB standard)
  • Control Joystick
  • Nacelle protection
  • Shoulder bag
  • Battery charger
  • Battery charging station
  • Adapter for external battery
  • ND filter set (16/64/256)
  • Guides
  • AC power cable
  • Type-C cable
  • 3x smart flight battery
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