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EdCreate Kit

Edison Accessory

The EdCreate Edison robot creator’s kit is a 5-in-1 expansion pack construction system.

Designed to work with the Edison robot, EdCreate enriches students’ STEM education experience through interactive engineering and programming projects.

The EdCreate system can be used with Edison robots to complete five EdBuild projects:

  • EdTank
  • EdDigger
  • EdRoboClaw
  • EdCrane
  • EdPrinter

The EdBuild projects require progressive levels of coding capabilities, making them a perfect addition to the Edison programming and robotics curriculum.

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EdCreate Edison Kit: additional educational projects

EdCreate can also be used in a wide range of open engineering, design and programming challenges. Open projects, including EdCreate EdChallenges, promote creative problem solving and allow students to research STEM applications in real-world scenarios.

The EdCreate Edison Education Kit is a building system consisting of 115 building blocks, plugs, gears, and other nested parts. The individual EdCreate parts are designed with posts and holes compatible with Edison V2.0 robots and any other building system compatible with LEGO bricks.

One EdCreate kit can be used to create five different EdBuild and a range of other engineering and design challenges.

The kit can also be extended to other LEGO-compatible building system components.


Downloadable Edison EdCreate Resources

These free downloadable resources can help you get the most out of EdCreate.

Edison EdCreate Teaching Guide

The EdCreate Teacher's Guide complements the EdCreate EdBuilds and EdChallenges by providing teachers and instructors with a complete set of information:

  • additional information about EdBuild,
  • ideas for business expansion,
  • programming projects, and
  • Additional information on using EdCreate in the classroom environment.

Download the teacher's guide for EdCreate


Projet EdCreate Edison EdBuild - EdTank

EdCreate Edtank Edison educational project


The EdTank is actually two versions in one: the basic EdTank and the full EdTank with rubber band barrel.

The basic EdTank uses an Edison robot that can be programmed to move forward, backward and turn right or left using bar codes and a TV or DVD remote control.

The complete EdTank includes a second Edison robot that controls the firing of the bungee cord gun.

  • Difficulty level: 1 [EdTank (basic)] 2 [EdTank (complete)].
  • Recommended age: 8 years and older
  • Programming skills required: barcodes and remote control

Download EdTank building instructions


Projet EdCreate Edison EdBuild - EdDigger

EdCreate Eddiger Edison educational project


The EdDigger is a remote-controlled excavator or excavator with a shovel that you can drive (forward, backward and right or left rotation).

The excavator of the EdDigger can raise or lower and can carry small objects, such as parts from the EdCreate kit.

  • Difficulty level: 2
  • Recommended age: 8 years and older
  • Programming skills required: barcodes and remote control

Download EdDigger compilation instructions


Projet EdCreate Edison EdBuild - EdRoboClaw

EdCreate Edroboclaw Edison educational project


EdRoboClaw is a remotely controlled articulated robotic arm.

You will be able to drive the EdRoboClaw forward, backward and turn it right or left.

You will also be able to open and close the claw to pick up and carry an object, such as one of the EdCreate beams.

  • Difficulty level: 3
  • Recommended age: 8 years and older
  • Programming skills required: barcodes and remote control

Download EdRoboClaw Construction Instructions


EdCreate Edison EdBuild Project - EdCrane

Edcreate edcrane educational project Edison


EdCrane is a remote controlled crane with a magnetic hook that you can climb up and down.

The EdCrane's magnetic hook can raise or lower small ferrous metal objects, such as paper clips or small metal screws, as well as the metal dowel from the EdCreate kit.

The metal dowel can be attached to one of the parts in the EdCreate kit, such as a 3-hole beam, and used with the magnetic hook.

  • Difficulty Level: 4
  • Recommended age: 10 years and older
  • Programming skills required: barcode and remote control AND EdScratch OR EdPy

Download EdCrane building instructions


EdCreate Edison EdBuild project - EdPrinter

Edcreate Edison educational project


EdPrinter is a pen plotter executed with two Edison robots programmed with EdPy.

By attaching a writing instrument, such as a felt-tip pen, inserting paper into the base of the EdPrinter and using a basic set of functions in EdPy, you can program the EdPrinter to create different shapes.

  • Difficulty level: 5
  • Recommended age: 12 years and older
  • Programming skills required: EdPy

Download EdPrinter compilation instructions


Project EdCreate Edison EdChallenges

Pack Edcreate Edison V2.0


Spark your students' imagination! These free-form challenges are open-ended engineering design projects, perfect for engaging students to think creatively, inventively and creatively.

The EdCreate EdChallenges are designed to encourage creative problem solving, exploration, and practical application of the skills learned.

All EdCreate EdChallenges require the use of an Edison robot. All components included in the EdCreate Creator Kit, as well as additional Edison robots and any other hardware selected by the students, can also be used.

Download the EdCreate EdChallenges Package


Ressources EdCreate Edison - ensemble complet

L'ensemble complet des ressources EdCreate contient les fichiers PDF suivants:

  • instructions pour tous les 5 EdBuilds,
  • le guide de l’enseignant EdCreate, et
  • EdCreate EdChallenges.

Téléchargez l'ensemble complet de ressources EdCreate

  • 1x EdCreate




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