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LEGO-compatible programmable bricks

Discover Microbric, the Australian company that created an easy and affordable way to enter the world of programming and science. Sharing the experience of building programmable bricks with as many people as possible is the philosophy adopted by Edison robots.

Microbric is a system for building robotic and electronic kits without any soldering but which simply use bricks to be interlocked and connectors. As easy as and compatible with LEGO constructions, Edison robots allow a simplified approach to robotic construction and programming: clip, tighten the screws and you're done!

Discover the different electronic modules available and assemble them together to let your imagination run wild: light sensors, indicators, buttons, infrared transmitters & receivers, sound sensors, line tracking sensors, LED lights, variable speed motors...
All these modules are compatible with LEGO bricks, which makes the Microbric robotic kit extremely modular and expandable. Unlimited constructions that can be remotely controlled by the remote control of your TV / DVD!

Discover on the product sheets all the possibilities of your constructions and Edison Microbric robots, which interact with each other.

Edison EdSketch Pen holder and marker

Pen and marker holder for Edison educational robot
24,90 € 21,90 €

Whybricks By Microbric

Whybricks Educational Kit of 2100 pieces by Microbric
199,00 € 152,50 €
Pack Edcreate and Edison robot

Pack 1 Edison V2.0 and EdCreate Kit

Edison Educative Robot
78,00 € 74,00 €
Pack Edison and EdCreate

Pack 2 Edison and EdCreate

2 robots Edison V2.0 and 1 kit EdCreate
127,00 € 115,00 €
Top vente
Edison robot and EdSketch accessories pack

Edison Robot And EdSketch Accessories Pack

Complete pack: Edison robot + pen holder + markers
73,90 € 67,90 €
Microbric's Invention Engine

Microbric's Invention Engine

Educational electro kit for school Invention Engine by Microbric
69,90 €
Edison V2.0 Robot

Edison V2.0 Robot

Programmable Robot
49,00 €
EdCreate Kit

EdCreate Kit

Edison Accessory
29,00 €
Edison robot spare parts

Edison Robot Spare Parts

Edison Accessories
14,90 €
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