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Edison V2.0 Robot

Programmable Robot

Edison V2.0, the upgraded version of Edison robot.

The super affordable, programmable robot. Your stepping stone into the exciting world of science and technology!

Why Edison?
Have you ever wanted to get into robotics, but found it too difficult or expensive?

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Edison: the educational robot 2.0 for your classes

Benefits of the Edison educational robot

Edison was designed for students of all ages, beginners and experienced amateurs.

With a small budget, you can acquire one or more robots and thus discover and learn programming. It is also an excellent resource for teachers or associations looking for easy-to-use and affordable platforms.

Edison is modular and LEGO® compatible. You will be able to let your imagination run wild and build robots of any size with very different applications.

Thanks to Edison you will be able to discover science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) activities!


characteristics of the Edison educational robot


What the Edison robot can do

The Edison educational robot can :

  • Navigate its way around by detecting obstacles on its left or right side
  • Be controlled by remote TV / DVD remote control
  • Follow a line
  • Follow a flash of light
  • Communicate with another Edison using infrared light
  • Play beeps and musical tunes
  • Responding to applause and other loud sounds
  • Move in all directions thanks to its differential drive system

Edware is the software for Edison. It is a graphical, "drag and drup" software, it uses simple instructions such as CONTROL, READ, data and flow which are linked together in a logical 'flow chart' style.

In a fun way, start learning programming. 


programming the Edison educational robot


Advanced one-click programming - up to 1000 control icons that can be used in a single program. Sophisticated programs using 16-bit math and event interrupts can also control one or more Edisons, 

To download your program, simply plug in the supplied Edcomm data cable (Cable with Jack plug), press PLAY and let Edison do the rest!

Edcomm uses encoded audio data to transfer your program from Edison. This happens through your computer's headphone jack, so no driver issues.

If you want to learn more about how to control Edison - download the Edware beta and try it for yourself at - it's really easy to install, but you'll need an Edison to run the program.


Edison V2 vs. Edison V1 robot

Robot Operating Accuracy :

  • Edison V2.0 now has encoders for wheels. These encoders allow the Edison V2.0 robot to travel specific distances at exact speeds, it's like a cruise control. 
  • Edison V2.0 can now rotate to specified angles and go straight, really straight.

Improved Performance :

  • More accurate sensors: Edison V2.0 detects obstacles with greater accuracy and you can adjust this accuracy.
  • Longer battery life: Smart standby mode that uses less energy / Superior hardware components.
  • Edison V2.0 can now be woken up by simply pressing the triangle button.
  • A more sensitive clap sensor

Improved Solidity :

  • Edison V2.0 has a new clutch system that prevents damage to the internal gears.

Step-by-step learning :

Edison V2.0 will be programmable from three different platforms: for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

  • Beginner level with EdBlocks: Graphic platform that looks like Scratch with programming blocks (expected release November 2016).
  • Intermediate level with Edware : Edware is maintained for Edison V2.0, the software developed for Edison V1.0. Edware is now available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (iPad), Android, Chromebook, with an online application.
  • Advanced level with EDPY: Edison V2.0 is now programmable in Python. EDPY is designed to extend the functionality of Edison V2.0 and teach programming concepts at a much higher level. EDPY will maximize the use of the encoders and give better control of Edison V2.0.


Edison is compatible with LEGO

The Edison robot is Lego compatible


Edison was designed not only as an autonomous educational robot, but also as a modular robotic system that is easily expandable using LEGO bricks.

Two or more Edisons can be linked together.

New inventions are only limited by your own imagination!


Edison resources for schools 


Video of the Edison V2 educational robot

Video presentation of the Edison educational robot

  • 1 x Edison Robot
  • 1 x Programming Cable
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