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Edison V2.0 Robot

Programmable Robot

Edison V2.0, the upgraded version of Edison robot.

The super affordable, programmable robot. Your stepping stone into the exciting world of science and technology!

Why Edison?
Have you ever wanted to get into robotics, but found it too difficult or expensive?

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Site Reference : RA_MIC002
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So what is new with Edison V2.0? 

Precision Driving

  • Edison V2.0 now has wheel encoders. Wheel encoders allow Edison to travel specific distances at exact speeds – think of it as cruise control. Edison V2.0 can now also turn to specified angles and drive straight – very straight.

Improved performance

  • Edison’s obstacle detection is now more precise and can be calibrated for longer range sensing.
  • Longer battery life – higher quality components and smarter sleep mode that uses less power.
  • Edison V2.0 can now be awoken by just pressing the triangle button.
  • A more sensitive clap sensor – round of applause!


  • Edison’s new clutch system prevents damage to the internal gears even under the most aggressive punishment.

Stepped learning
Edison V2.0 will be programmable from three different platformsaimedat: basic, intermediate, and advanced learners.

  • For basic learners EdBlocks a ‘scratch- like’ platform for Edison, based on a collection of graphical “programming blocks” children snap together to create programs. This will allow our younger learners to build the knowledge and confidence necessary to start coding (scheduled release November 2016).
  • For intermediate learners: EdWare our graphical robot programming software will be maintained. EdWare is now available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (iPad), Android, Chromebook, and as an online app.
  • For advanced learners EdPy. Edison is now programmable in Python – EdPy is designed to extend Edison’

Ressources : 

  • 1 x Edison Robot
  • 1 x Programming Cable
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