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Pixie Belle WowWee

Pixie Belle WowWee: Aurora, Rosie, Esme and Layla

WowWee's Pixie Belle are adorable toy robots that you can take everywhere with you and that thanks to different sensors you can react to your gestures and your behaviour with fun movements. The Pixie Belle are adorable, interact with each other, with you, turn, dance, stand on your clothes and will become in no time the best friends of all children.

Get to know WowWee's Pixie Belle Aurora, Esme, Layla or Rosie and choose the one you want to order on this product sheet.

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Site Reference : RA_ING026
Manufacturer Reference : 3927

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19,99 € 13,99 €

WowWee Pixie Belle: your new friends

The Pixie Belle are small toy robots equipped with a detachable magnet, thanks to which you will be able to attach them to your clothes and take them everywhere with you. They are cute, react to your caresses, kisses, dances, turns on themselves and has a long tail that you can tie around your wrists or in your hair. Their luminous horn on the top of their head flashes in different colors depending on the Pixie Belle you have chosen: Aurora, Layla, Esme or Rosie. These new toy robots offer different game modes for different interactions that are equally fun.

WowWee Pixie Belle offers many fun interactions:

  • Touch their noses, pet their backs or kiss them to discover the different reactions
  • Touch their noses for a second and they turn around on themselves
  • Clap your hands twice and all your Pixie Belle dance and turn on themselves at the same time
  • Clap your hands once and they do half a turn, clap their backs twice for a full turn
  • Clap your hands slowly and your Pixie will rotate on itself just as slowly
  • Activate the "Dance" mode to discover the 6 secret dances of your WowWee Pixie Belle
  • Activate the "Spin" mode to rotate the Pixies to the sound of your voice

Pixie Belle WowWee toy robot



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