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Frame Set MANIPULATOX-X Robotis RM-X52

Robotis Components

This product is a Robotis frame set (RM-X52) which can make X430 based OpenManipulator-X.​ You can assemble an OpenManipulator (4 DOF Arm + 1 DOF Gripper), which is the same as OpenManipulator-X (RM-X52-TNM). 

DYNAMIXEL X430 is not included so you can select a suitable DYNAMIXEL model considering payload.

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Site Reference : RA_GEN008
Manufacturer Reference : 905-0023-000

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Shipped within 2 to 8 Days
326,90 €

Robotis frame set for OpenManipulator-X based on X430

This product is a Frame Set that allows you to create OpenManipulator-X based on X430.

You can assemble an OpenManipulator (4 DOF Arm + 1 DOF Gripper), which is identical to OpenManipulator-X (RM-X52-TNM). DYNAMIXEL X430 is not included, so you can choose a DYNAMIXEL model adapted to your payload. XH430, XM430 and XL430 are all compatible with this frame and can also be mixed. You can manufacture an OpenManipulator-X with the desired specifications and attach it to base plate 02 or attach it to TurtleBot3 Waffle Pi.


Warning for this Robotis frame Set

  • DYNAMIXEL, power supply and controller are not included. When choosing the DYNAMIXEL X430 model, the appropriate model must be chosen taking into account the communication method and target (payload) specifications.
  • XL430 The configuration of a single model is not recommended because it may not have enough output. When you mix XL430 with XH / XM430, they (XH / XM430) must be a TTL communication model.
  • When using the XH430-V series (24V model), you must configure your OpenManipulator as a single 24V model.
  • AX / MX, X540 and PRO series cannot be used.
  • The assembly manual is not included, but you can download the PDF file from our product sheet.


Robotis Frame Set RM-X52: in the box

Robotis Set de cadre OpenManipulator-X

Robotis Frame Set OpenManipulator-X components

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