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Max And Tobo Educational Robot Tutobo

Programmable educational robot

The Max & Tobo robot by Tutobo is an educational robot but also a toy robot. This new Danish brand has made the bet to teach children from 6 to 9 years old programming through Story Telling. An exciting adventure that creates interest, desire and interaction with children who will learn programming while having fun.

The Max & Tobo robot is programmable simply by using a visual system of blocks to be moved to create chains of events and make the robot move on its tray. The starting plot is simple: One day, something extraordinary happens that disrupts the time and space of their galaxy. Now Max and Tobo are lost in space!

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Max & Tobo by Tutobo: programmable educational robot

The integration of this new Max & Tubo robot in a classroom as well as at home is very simple. This new robot is suitable for children from 6 to 9 years old.

In addition to its adorable design specially designed for children, Max is an easy to code robot. He can understand his world and follow commands accurately. The children code and the Max robot executes. The coding has been made colourful, simple, intuitive and fun.

  • Tutobo's robot comes with a game board that is the backdrop to the story told to the children. They can interact with the game board and thus complete the story which consists of 10 levels. Each level tells a little more about coding & programming, allowing a complete lesson program using the robot.
  • The Max & Tobo robot comes with an intuitive mobile application to get started with Blockly programming. A language specially designed for teaching children.
  • Story Telling at the centre of the learning process: the plot is set, the robot is lost in space and has to find its way home. An exciting story for the children, who take a liking to the new robot and will do everything they can to help it get home. A new immersive and engaging way to learn programming.

Max & Tobo by Tutobo

Max & Tobo robot: setting up the robot

La mise en place a été pensée pour être simple pour les enfants autant que pour les adultes :

  • Download the application to Google Play and open it on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Place it on a flat surface, preferably a table.
  • Turn on Max & Tobo and place them on the board.
  • Press the start button and your coding adventure will begin!

Max & Tobo educational robot: contents of the box

  • 1 x Max & Tobo robot
  • 1 x interactive board for galaxy exploration by coding
  • 1 x instructions for using the coding blocks
  • 1 x Max & Tobo adventure book​​


  • 1 x Max & Tobo robot
  • 1 x interactive board for galaxy exploration by coding
  • 1 x instructions for using the coding blocks
  • 1 x Max & Tobo adventure book​​
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