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Miranda robotic Simulation Software

Virtual simulation of educational robots: Scratch and Python

Miranda is a universal simulation software for educational robots. These simulations can be performed in Scratch or Python to suit all levels of complexity and Miranda simulation software supports many educational robot models: mBot, Edison, Dash, Drone Tello, Codey Rocky, Lego, Ozobot, Thymio... New models will appear over time.

The use and backups of the Miranda robotic simulation software can be done online without installing or overloading your computer park. Up to and including June 15, the Miranda software is at -10% regardless of the chosen license !

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Miranda Educational Robotics Simulation

Miranda: Robotics simulation software

Miranda is a software to simulate your educational robots and create challenges. Create simulations of existing or purely imaginary robots in a few clicks. Share your creations with your friends. Create challenges for your students. Here are some of the activities proposed by miranda.

  • Each of the systems simulated in miranda can be programmed in Scratch or Python: interactive editors are directly integrated into the application. When the simulation is launched, the program's evolution is directly displayed on the Scratch program, thus facilitating the tuning process.
  • Many models of educational robots exist or can be created from scratch with the Premium Edition: mBot, Edison, Dash, Tello drone, Codey Rocky, Lego, Ozobot, Thymio.
  • Don't worry about storing your robot models, simulations and challenges, everything is stored in the cloud. Likewise, the software is usable from a simple web browser.
  • What could be more motivating than learning how to code while solving challenges? Practice on virtual courses before entering robotic contests.

Miranda Robotic Simulation: 4 software versions available to choose from

Miranda du Robot-Advance offers a choice of 4 license versions for the use of its educational robotics simulation software:

  • Personal Edition: for personal use only (Student...)
  • 1 Robot Edition: Simulate one type of robot / Save up to 4 simulation scenarios.
  • Standard Edition: Simulate all robot types / Save up to 8 simulation scenarios.
  • Premium Edition: Simulate all robot types / Create unlimited number of simulation scenarios / Create your own robots / Share your simulations.


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