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Thinking game Perplexus, 3D labyrinth

The Labyrinths have changed well and are undergoing a new look. Discover the Perplexus, 3D maze enclosed in transparent spheres and on which children from 8 years old will put their brains to the test. Robot Advance offers 4 different models from the simplest to the most difficult and which offer different starting points and several obstacles to pass if you want to come to you from the Labyrinth. To succeed in the Perplexus, children will need patience, observation and precision to overcome the ramps, cracks and obstacles that await the metal ball.


Perplexus 3D Maze

Perplexus Portal 3D Ball Maze

Perplexus Portal 3D Ball Maze

Spherical 3D maze Perplexus 3D
34,99 € 32,59 €

Perplexus Epic

Spherical 3D Perplexus Labyrinth
29,99 € 25,99 €

Perplexus Beast

3D Perplexus Labyrinth
24,99 € 21,69 €

Perplexus Rookie Rebel

3D Perplexus Labyrinth
19,99 € 17,99 €
Perplexus Revolution Runner

Perplexus Revolution Runner

3D Perplexus Labyrinth
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