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WowWee Toy Robot

WooWee does not need to prove it anymore: cute robots full of original and fun functionalities are the secret!

In this category, please discover the amazing Roboscooper.

It is now your play friend but your storing and house-cleaning friend as well!

This small robot will quickly become a very fun companion with a great sense of humor.

It will as well help you tidy your things and help you.

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Site Reference : RA_SAB007
Manufacturer Reference : 8514

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Main functions

Roboscooper is doted of an impressive freedom of moves.

Its 6 wheels permit to go everywhere while its 2 arms can drop many object types.

Those objects being detected thanks to infrared sensors.

Its remote control permits to remotely control this small robot even if it has the ability to move in an autonomous manner.

Roboscooper is equipped with a truck at its back permitting to store the whole collected objects.

If the truck is full or if an object is too heavy, Roboscooper lets you know.

You can stop the robot anytime and ask it to empty its truck.

After 5 minutes of inactivity, Roboscooper puts itself on stand-by in order to save battery charge.

It powers off itself after 20 minutes if nobody uses it.

Roboscooper is for sure a social companion!

Fun and able to use sentences full of humor, Roboscooper is a pretty close friend.

Its 4 play modes (to be discovered below), will make it a real nice companion.

With its childish and smart design, it can please the whole family.


4 play modes

Roboscooper is a robot able to do many many things, as shown in its 4 play modes decribed below:

In its CLEAN SWIP mode (cleaning), Roboscooper will try and collect objects it finds on its way and puts those in its back truck. After 5 successful collections, ROBOSCOOPER will empty the objects on the closest wall.

In PICK-UP mode (collection), Roboscooper tries and find objects it automatically detects. After 3 successful collections, it asks you where to put the objects.

In WHARK mode (tap), Roboscooper plays wih small objects it collects tapping them to play with you!

In TALK (conversation), Roboscooper forgets about cleaning for a minute to propose a really rich social experience. Fun sentences and crazy feedback, the small robot is much more than a house-cleaning companion!


Technical Characteristics :

• Height – 22 cm
• Width: 21 cm
• Depth – 33 cm
• Weight : 1kg
• 6 x all terrain wheels
• Batteries – 6 AAA batteries (included)
• Recommended age: 8+


• 1x ROBOSCOOPER (French Version)
• 1x Remote control
• 2x Flexible cardboards to have ROBOSCOOPER work for you
• 1x Sticker page
• 1x Back truck
• 1x User manual
• 6x AAA batteries

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