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WowWee Roboraptor

WowWee Toy Robot

Dinosaurs no longer exist? This Roboraptor by WowWee doesn’t care about that !

As real pet, it has a strong character! Games, exploring and hunting are provided! Beware, it bites!

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Site Reference : RA_SIL012
Manufacturer Reference : 8095N

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The Roboraptor is able to see its living environment.

With its sensors, it can avoid obstacles, detects objects (and bites them!), hears sounds and voices and feels your loving caresses too.

It’s a breeze for it!

The Roboraptor can be controlled remotely, but can also be autonomous.

Let it take control, and the Roboraptor will explore the environment, reacts according to its mood.


Like a pet, it has its character!

Not less than 4 different behaviors are scheduled!

• In “caution” mode, the Roboraptor is shy! Avoiding obstacles and noises heard, it took refuge in calm.
• In “play” mode, Roboraptor is having fun! No more evasion and antisocial behavior, Roboraptor will play with you!
• In “hunter” mode, the Roboraptor finds its vile instincts of predators. Roars, attempted intimidation and aggressive reactions (safe!) are scheduled. Beware, the jaws of the beast will strike if you tease it too closely!
• In “free” mode, the Roboraptor is an explorer. It walks around, learns about its environment, and is careful about where it puts its paws! Autonomous, it carefully avoids obstacles, and its biomechanical movements allow it to come and go on any surface.

For each of its behaviors, each sensation will cause a different reaction!

With more than 40 moves, the Roboraptor is a dinosaur toy robot very clever.

Its impressive movements and its personality make it a true companion robot!

Adopt a dinosaur and impress kids… and adults!

Specifications :

• Manufacturer : WowWee
• Color : White metallic
• Height : 13”
• Width : 8”
• Length : 31”
• Weight : 6.5 pounds
• Robot batteries : 6 AA batteries (not included)
• Remote batteries : 3 AAA batteries (not included)
• Recommended minimum age : 8 years +
• Standard : CE
• Manufacturer Warranty : 1 year


• 1x Roboraptor

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