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WowWee Robosapien

WowWee Toy Robot

The ROBOSAPIEN is a robot toy that is just easier to pick up : you order, it moves ! With its many pre-recorded movements but also those that you can teach to it, Robosapien is a very resourceful robot!

With its own personality and its many sensors, it will not hesitate to tell you about its mood while it’s dancing or doing kung-fu! You can program your own behaviors in more than 80 steps, and play with the reactions of ROBOSAPIEN to sound, touch and much more!

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Site Reference : RA_SIL013
Manufacturer Reference : 8081N

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Main features :

• ROBOSAPIEN is a robot with many joints. It moves by walking or running smoothly, and is capable of performing many movements.
• ROBOSAPIEN has 6 preprogrammed movements of kung-fu
• ROBOSAPIEN has arms equipped with two types of three-pointed tweezers
• ROBOSAPIEN has 67 pre-programmed functions such as catching an object, give a kick, dance, kung-fu…
• ROBOSAPIEN offers 3 demo modes that allow it to show the extent of its capabilities
• ROBOSAPIEN is fully programmable thanks to the included remote control (sequences of more than 84 stages with four different types of advanced programming: reaction to sound, touch …)
•ROBOSAPIEN is controlled by the remote control included


Specifications :

• Brand : WowWee
• Colors : Black & White
• Dimensions : 30x20x10cm
• Weight :2kg
• Batteries type : 3 batteries LR03 (not included), 4 batteries LR20 (not included)
• Power Save Mode : yes
• Level : 6+
• Standards : CE


• 1x Remote Control

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