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Servomoteur Dynamixel AX-12W

Dynamixel servo motor

The Robotis AX-12W servo motor is a wheeled version of the popular AX-12A. The AX-12W servo motor has the ability to monitor its speed, temperature, voltage and load. 

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Site Reference : RA_GEN004
Manufacturer Reference : 902-0063-000

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Servomotor AX-12W Robotis

The AX-12W servo actuator from Robotis is a wheeled variant of the popular AX-12A. The AX-12W robot servo has the ability to track its speed, temperature, voltage, and load. As if this weren't enough, the control algorithm used to maintain shaft position on the ax-12 actuator can be adjusted individually for each servo, allowing you to control the speed and strength of the motor's response. All of the sensor management and position control is handled by the servo's built-in microcontroller. This distributed approach leaves your main controller free to perform other functions.

AX-12W Servomotor: Features

  • AX-12W
  • Operating Voltage 12V
  • Stall Torque 28 oz-in / 2.0 kg-cm / 0.2 N.m
  • No-load Speed 470 RPM (wheel mode)
  • Weight 53g
  • Size 50 x 32 x 38 mm
  • Resolution 0.29°
  • Reduction Ratio 1/32
  • Operating Angle 300° or Continuous Turn
  • Max Current 1.4A @ 12V
  • Standby Current 50 mA
  • Operating Temp -5°C ~ 70°C
  • Protocol TTL Half Duplex Async Serial
  • Module Limit 254 valid addresses
  • Com Speed 7343bps ~ 1Mbps
  • Position Feedback Yes
  • Temp Feedback Yes
  • Load Voltage Feedback Yes
  • Input Voltage Feedback Yes
  • Compliance/PID Yes
  • Material Plastic Gears and Body
  • Motor Cored Motor
  • Manual Download AX-12W Manual
  • Controller List CM-5 / Arbotix / HUV Bioloid USB Bus Board / USB2Dynamixel / CM2+​
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