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STEM Box Circuitmess : ByteBoi

Build & code your own retro game console

Those who recently discovered CircuitMess loved the first MAKERbuino kit to create a retro 8-bit portable video game console. ByteBoi to discover in this STEM Box is an improved and re-imagined version of this electronic kit that allows you to create and code an open-source retro game console. ByteBoi can be coded in MakeCode Arcade, a great online coding interface with lots of examples and tutorials. 

The STEM Box N°4 from CircuitMess provides you with all the necessary hardware and instructions to create your own portable ByteBoi video game console from A to Z.

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Site Reference : RA_MKR008
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Shipped within 2 to 8 Days
133,19 € 110,99 €

STEM Box 4 by CircuitMess: ByteBoi the retro portable game console

STEM Box circuitmess circuitmess ByteBoi console handheld game

Those who recently discovered CircuitMess loved the first MAKERbuino kit to create a retro 8-bit portable video game console. ByteBoi to discover in this STEM Box is an improved and re-imagined version of this electronic kit that allows you to create and code an open-source retro game console. ByteBoi can be coded in MakeCode Arcade, a great online coding interface with lots of examples and tutorials. 

You can even use your ByteBoi to remote control your Wheelson robot with the built-in Wi-Fi chipset. ByteBoi can be coded in MakeCode Arcade, an online coding interface with lots of examples and tutorials. 


What you can do with the ByteBoi console:

  • Play existing games on your ByteBoi
  • Create your own video game and brag about it to your friends.
  • Connect your ByteBoi to the internet
  • Share your creations with a community of game creators

What you're about to learn:

  • How to assemble your own gaming device
  • How video game consoles work
  • How to code your own video game
  • How to animate characters and simulate physics in a video game
  • How to interface your ByteBoi with your Wheelson


Byteboi circuitmess skills

  • 240×320 full-color TFT display 
  • Main circuit board with an integrated ATSAMD51 32-bit microcomputer with 120MHz CPU, 192kB of SRAM, and 512kB of FLASH memory
  • Li-Po battery
  • Acrylic casing
  • A bag of other small components such as resistors, pushbuttons, nuts and bolts
  • An instruction booklet – ready for your offline knowledge consumption 
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