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CircuitMess is a company created by enthusiasts who have been able to move forward step by step and offer products that have initially been validated in various participatory fundraising campaigns. This is how the brand's two flagship products were born: 

  • MAKERbuino, a kit containing all the components needed to create a portable 8-bit game console: creation, customization and possible programming of your own video games.
  • MAKERphone, a kit to create a personalized mobile phone and DIY that works perfectly.

In CircuitMess' news, we can mention the last participative fundraising campaign which was a real success and will allow the brand to propose soon every 3 months kits (The STEM BOX) to build, customize and code different objects whose construction will lead to the understanding of particular fields such as artificial intelligence, programming or electronics. Participate every 3 months in a different project, the first 5 of which will be :

  • Spencer, the personalized vocal assistant
  • Jay-D, the DJ mixer.
  • Wheelson, the autonomous car
  • ByteBoi, the portable game console
  • Chatter, encrypted communicators
  • ClockStar, the SmartWatch

CircuitPet By Circuitmess Virtual Pocket Animal

Build & Code Your Own Handheld Virtual Pet
149,99 € 89,99 €

Nibble CircuitMess DIY Educational Console

An Educational DIY Game Console
95,99 € 84,99 €

Remote Control Batmobile To Build

AI and electronics kit: Batmobile by CircuitMess
177,59 € 149,99 €

Synthia By Circuitmess DIY Musical Sampler

Digital music sampler to create
136,79 € 99,99 €
STEM Box 1 Circuitmess : Spencer

STEM Box Circuitmess : Spencer

Build & code your own voice assistant
109,99 €
STEM Box Circuitmess : ByteBoi

STEM Box Circuitmess : ByteBoi

Build & code your own retro game console
109,99 €

Tools Pack CircuitMess

Complete toolkit for CircuitMess kits
45,99 € 34,99 €
STEM Box Circuitmess : Wheelson

STEM Box Circuitmess : Wheelson

Build & code your own AI self-driving car
109,99 €
STEM Box 2 Circuitmess : Jay-D

STEM Box Circuitmess : Jay-D

Build & code your own DJ mixtable
109,99 €
Circuitmess Ringo kit

Circuitmess Ringo Kit

Create Your Mobile Phone And Applications
STEM Box Circuitmess : Chatter

STEM Box Circuitmess : Chatter

Build & code your own encrypted wireless communicator
158,39 € 149,99 €
STEM Box Circuitmess : ClockStar

STEM Box Circuitmess : ClockStar

Build & code your own smartwatch
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