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STEM Box Circuitmess : Spencer

Build & code your own voice assistant

Spencer is a handyman voice assistant that talks, turns on, connects to the internet and understands simple voice commands. He also has a funny personality, tells jokes and finds new ones online. Spencer has a microphone and understands what you are saying. You can code new functions that will be triggered when you say certain phrases or words.

Get the complete STEM Box #1 and the tools to create Spencer, your voice assistant. You will learn electronics, code, artificial intelligence, speech recognition and much more.

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STEM Box 1 by CircuitMess: Spencer the voice assistant

Spencer is a handyman voice assistant that talks, turns on, connects to the internet and understands simple voice commands. He also has a funny personality, tells jokes and finds new ones online. Spencer has a microphone and understands what you are saying. You can code new functions that will be triggered when you say certain phrases or words.

The LED display on its belly features a 128 pixel colorful RGB grid that can display data, custom icons, animations and scrolling text.

STEM BOX circuimess spencer


Ready-made things that Spencer can do as soon as you put it together:

  • Read the news
  • Inform you of the weather forecast for your region
  • Memorize the things you say
  • Triggering an alarm or reminder
  • Inform you of upcoming meetings on the calendar

What you can do with the finalized voice wizard :

  • Getting Spencer to go online to get news and read it in his funny robot voice.
  • Encode spencer to display a funny 8-bit image of a banana on its LED screen every time someone tweet something funny
  • Teaching Spencer to recognize basic voice commands
  • Make Spencer happy or sad (CircuitMess has implemented a little bit of anxiety in its basic firmware, so you'll have to talk to him)

What you'll learn from Spencer:

Stem box 1 circuitmess skills

  • How to weld and assemble your own personal voice assistant
  • How to code a microcomputer and make it do smart things like speech recognition
  • What is IoT and how to connect your microcontroller to the internet
  • How to use an RGB LED grid to display things
  • What is artificial intelligence and how to make Spencer smart...
  • How to use text-to-speech to make Spencer talk
  • How to teach Spencer to make jokes
  • Spencer’s circuit board that includes a pre-soldered 128-pixel RGB LED grid
  • The brain board – does smart stuff and includes a dual-core processor, an SD card socket, and power-management circuitry
  • 4GB Micro SD card needed for Spencer to work properly
  • The sound board – has a 32-bit DAC and a 3W class D amplifier
  • 3W speaker – Spencer uses this to talk
  • Acrylic casing – this protects spencer’s innards from the outside world
  • A big red button
  • A bag of other small components such as resistors, pushbuttons and a microphone
  • An instruction booklet – ready for your offline knowledge consumption
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