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WowWee Chip Canine Home Intelligent Pet

The lovable robot dog !

CHiP is the brand new robot of the brand Wowwee.

This dog robot will entertain young and younger and will quickly be the house pet!

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Site Reference : RA_SIL038
Manufacturer Reference : E50036

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Famous for creating performing toy robots, Wowwee will amaze you again with CHiP the realistic dog robot.

CHiP is a combination of the best technologies to offer you an incredible experience but most of all becoming the best companion.

CHiP is a small dog robot completely interactive thanks to numerous sensors:

  • CHiP can interact with its environment and avoid obstacles
  • CHiP is also touch sensitive; it can react to your petting or even when you carry it. 
  • CHiP is obedient to both your verbal orders but also to your gestures, it can react to claps, swipes… 
  • CHiP is also capable to learn new tricks thanks to the control band: wearing this band CHiP will recognize you as its owner, but you can also tell your robot if its behavior is okay (by clicking on the like button) or not.
  • CHiP is controllable, thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy, with your smartphone thanks to the free application. This application also translates your robot moods: for example when it wants to play.
  • CHiP will also never be out of power because it will automatically go on its charging dock when its battery is low. 

Play fetch with it and its ball on any kind of surfaces thanks to its mechanical and omnidirectional wheels.

CHiP will quickly become your best buddy.

Technical characteristics:

  • Brand: WowWee
  • Dimensions: dog robot: 38x 20x 28 cm (15 x 8.7 x 11.8 inches)
  • Weight : 2.2 pounds (1kg)
  • Network: Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Compatibility: 

Applications :


  • CHiP Dog robot
  • SmartBand: for user recognition
  • SmartBall: to play fetch
  • SmartBed: automatically goes back to the dock
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