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Tipster WowWee (French Version)

Ouaps Toy Robot

TIPSTER : my first robot !

WowWee has created this toy for young children.

This cut and funny robot is sold with a special RoboBarrel (cylinder to tidy up) and a remote control. 

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Site Reference : RA_SIL017
Manufacturer Reference : 62019

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The Tipster combines a fun personality with interactive activities like balancing, building, stacking and more.

The 5 play modes give it good play value :

Tippy Tunes : Build the ladders or mini robot on Tipster before the music stop. 

Dizzy Builder : As he spins around and counts down from 10 build on Tipster. There is 3 round for this play. Count and beat your score!

Tipster Takedown : Listen to your Tipster and he will tell you what to put on his trays. Then with the remote you can drive him around until everything falls off.

Tipster Trix : Put Tipster on his RoboBarrel (cylinder to tidy up) and look at him doing the Tightrope walker.

Free Play: take the remote and drive your Tipster where you want, be careful because Tipster can trying to trick you!

Tipster THE super robot which helps your child to learn to count, stack, and hone his coordination…

Meet Tipster and you will never be sad!

Age : 3+

- 1x Robot Tipster1
- 1x Remote
​- 1x RoboBarrel
- 5x Ladders & 10x Mini-robots

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